Sodium Percarbonate through pressure washer

I’d like to use sodium percarbonate to clean my roof. Is it possible to mix a batch to spray with my pressure washer to achieve the height I need? What parts do I need?

Using an xr2600


One, we don’t know what height you need so that’s a big part missing to your equation. Two you can’t downstream sodium percarbonate through your pressure washer because it would be too weak.

You could batch mix with a 12v pump and sprayer setup. That would be the way

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Good points.

I estimate 60ft.

Is there a 12v pump sprayer you recommend that I can purchase at a local hardware store, or is there something specific I should buy from a place like the PWR store? I don’t mind investing in the right equipment as I have large decks and more to clean in addition to my roof.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Ok wait, is this just for your personal roof? This isn’t a site for homeowner advice.

I’m here to buy pressure washing equipment to service homes. If Pressure Washing Resource does not want me to purchase products and equipment from them I will depart this forum.

You didn’t mention you have a business and looking to get clients. This is definitely the place for that, best thing you can do is utilize the search bar and read countless threads on various questions you have.

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I would recommend typing “12v system” or “12v pump” into the search bar and you’ll be thrown into a world of knowledge from where you can pull from years of experience from everyone here, past and present. Good luck!

I will commence searching and reading. Thanks for your pointer.

Thanks DC - I will indeed search the existing threads for answers.

I did my first roof with sodium percarbonate today.
Took one broad pass followed by three ‘concentrated areas’ passes but the roof had not been cleaned in 13 years.
Came out great, very happy with the results.


Wow! When youre good youre good. 13 hours after original post and roof is clean… amazing!