Sodium Percarbonate on a roof

Does anyone clean roofs with sodium percarbonate? I’m talking about tile roofs or shingle for that matter. I have some and a chance to use it. I was told by someone who worked for a roof cleaning company that they used it. It would be great to not worry about the landscape around here if this is true. I’ve done a search. It’s mostly for wood. Some say it doesn’t work right away. But I figure I’d mix some up and see for myself. If anyone has experience using it on a roof please let me know about this. Thanks in advance.

ARMA only recommends bleach. I would go the professional route and use the recommended checks on asphalt shingles. I’ve only seen tile roofs when watching Magnum PI so I got nothing for you on those.

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Tell us more about this…lol. I thought that was what everyone in here was. I’ll second IBS, use what’s recommended by the manufacturer, and what the pros (or the majority of pros) use. Never use something for a cleaning just because “you have some.” Use the right stuff, always. It can be a different story if there’s a new product on the market, but something that’s been around would have found it’s way into common usage for the purpose if it was the right product for the application.

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Use SH, percarbonate for wood…

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I guess what I meant was someone in my area, but seriously they said for sure they used it on roofs and it’s mostly tile around here and shingle. Oh well maybe I won’t waste it. There’s a video of a shingle clean using Oxygen Bleach which is supposedly the same thing. It worked but it takes a long time for the results.

Oxygen bleach is just hydrogen peroxide and Sodium Percarbonate I believe.

Thats what I thought that OB was the same thing as SP just different name for Peroxide base as opposed to Chlorine based

That’s essentially what my chemical supplier told me.

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