Sodium Percarbonate mixing


Good day all, need your input/advice. Quoting a strata roof cleaning job about 16,000 sq ft that backs on to a nature park/estuary and is full of ponds and streams running thru out the property. Bleach is out, so using sodium Percarbonate. Question is this…how does one mix in 50 gallon batches and have all granules dissolve. While experimenting I Mixed S.P. in a 3 gallon sprayer with cold water and it plugged up sprayer real bad. How do you manage this with a large 12 volt system and 50 gallon tank ? Instructions say use warm water to dissolve…do I have to bring a kettle to jobsite and keep boiling water…seems like must be a better way. Greatly appreciate input on this.


I dont have a solution. I have a burner now. But before that I would wake up early the day I had to clean wood and set my hot water heater super high. Mix what I needed for the day. When it dissolves it expands and lets off gas(and foam). It always made a mess. And the stuff has to be used with 6hours. It’s realy a pita.

You’ll definitely need hot water, otherwise you’ll be wasting chemical and have a weaker mix.

Fill the drum halfway with hot water, put the amount of chem for the full drum. Dissolve, then fill it. If you find a better way update me.

Is sodium percabonate acceptable as run off in ponds in such?


No. He should use the proper chemical and control run off. Or even better, walk away.


Makes sense.