Sodium Hypochlorite and Windows

Would chlorine damage windows if it was used when spraying house sidings?

Yep, well I don’t know.

If you are talking about Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) then yes it could damage windows if it is left on to dry and especially if it bakes on in the sun.

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sorry my comment was in jest.

I’m confident everyone here sprays SH on windows every day with no issues. Don’t let it dry.

As a long time window cleaner, I have cursed power washers over the years for leaving SH on the windows. It’s rather difficult to get off once dried.

This gives me a unique perspective with the PW side of things and it definitely benefits the customer. Just hose off the window when done and everything is fine, even though tap water will leave spots.

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The one thing I emphasize with my guys daily is…

Rinse the windows not once, not twice, but three times minimum.

And just when you think you rinsed enough, go ahead and rinse once more.


I prefer cleaning windows after I have done a house wash over just cleaning the windows without doing a house wash. Generally for me if I am doing a house wash the outside windows take a fraction of the time as the house wash solution removes most of the dirt, its just left for me to give it a quick rinse so its streak free with pure water.


Do you usually rinse with the same wand you rinse the rest of the house with? Or with a garden hose?

Same one you used to clean the rest of the house with. Just make sure you aren’t drawing any soap. I let it run for about 10 seconds after the soap disappears before hitting the window just to make sure 99% of the soap is gone in the line

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