Sodium hydroxide. Question

Can i use sodium hydroxide,generic beads(powder)from a local chemical supplier,(generic brand,probably from china)instead of using a popular name brand stripper/cleaner i would find at a pressure washing website,or are there additives in the superior brands that are important? (for use on fences and decks)

Yes. Sodium Hydroxide is Sodium Hydroxide. Keep in mind some strippers have other ingredients than just Sodium Hydroxide. I have a 50 pound pail of it for stripping or for beefing up certain degreasers.

Mix the Sodium Hydroxide 8-12 oz per gallon of water. You can start weaker if need be. It just depends on what you’re stripping. Be sure to add the beads to the water and not the water to the beads.


Thanks,marine grunt,that helps,i just posted my profile summary in the newbie category,look forward to talking to you guys👍

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You can go stronger as well. NaOH is twice as dense as water, so a 50% solution would be 2 quarts water to 1 quart NaOH. EXTREMELY HOT, and will burn you. I mean, if you mess with it, it will burn you, it’s only a matter of time. if you don’t have a buffer tank, make sure you have some clean water around to rinse off. Always add some type of surfactant, and I’m going to plug Pressure Washing Product’s Slo Mo here. One more thing: vinegar makes a good neutralizer but water will always serve you best



Thanks for the info,i have been burned by sodium hydroxide before,i pressure wash restaurants,just with this corona virus,im studying the residential wood and house washing side to expand my client base,which is taking a hit as well,but at least it will give me the option to service both sides of the industry,and once the “new normal” is established,i will have increased my odds of getting jobs at least,4 of the restaurant chains i service have paused the service

I’m sure it has been mentioned in the past, but when you add the sodium hydroxide is it by weight or by volume?

weight (or molarity, I’m not sure). 2 parts water to 1 part NaOH is a 50% solution

Volume I imagine, when we mix ours it’s 6 gallons off sodium hydroxide powder to 6 gallons of surfactant to 40 gallons of water.

WRONG. NEVER is volume the yardstick measured in chemistry to combine or react. Volume is usually the easiest conversion once the measurements have been made.

Damnit! @hotshot learn your chemistry! And quit pestering mr sparkle :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:


Hes so weird. GOTTA MAKE EVERYTHING SO DRAMATIC :exploding_head: LOL. And he just contradicted his self.

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Band new and hoping someone can help me with my SH mixture. Bought an XJet and have a machine that shoots 2.9GMP at 2300PSI. The chart they gave me is for 12.5% but I can only find 10%. How much 10% SH and how much water do put in my 5 gallon bucket. Really appreciate the info.

Don’t change the solution in the bucket. Change the proportioner For housewash, I like the black one.

BTW, at 2.9 gpm, you’ll likely be burning up and subsequently buying a lot of plants. Maybe you’d better not use the black one after all.

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