SO what's wrong with this?

Can someone tell me what would be the problem with buying this? I know it’s low gpm but doesn’t the fact it’s hot water help balance that out?

2014 Easy Kleen Magnum 4000 Gold Hot Water Pressure Washer Diesel Burner New | eBay

Nevermind, I just saw there’s no “Buy it Now” price. Is there a way I can delete posts in here?

I wouldnt touch one of those. The only place I’ve seen them is auction joints and Craigslist.

Your point would be valid if you were going to use hot water all day, every day. I have thought about getting a hot water machine, but I am constantly seeing posts of people who have a hot water machine and use it once a month(hot water burner that is). The reason you want a high gpm machine is the rinsing power, more than the cleaning power. Dont think I need to be rinsing the dirty residue from my surface cleaner with hot water. Rinsing takes longer than the actual cleaning sometimes. Now a high gpm, hot water machine, that’s a different story! Best of both worlds.