So I cleaned my first roof and

It was quite the learning curve. But in a good way. So I bid the job pretty low being that it was for a friend of my wife and because it was the first time I’d be doing it.

Issue #1: had no idea how much SH I would need and what to mix with and so forth.

Figured it out and had to run to a pool supply and get a lot more. Wound up not mixing it with anything and just spraying it on straight.

Issue #2: The battery for my pump died waaaaayyyy to fast. Wound up using my pump sprayer to finish.

Issue #3: Customers gutters were horribly clogged and in one place at the front of the house, non existent. Just a hole.

All in all I learned a whole lot and definitely will be better prepared next time. The roof came out perfect and looks brand new. Another great thing is that in this neighborhood, they just got a new management company and everyone is getting violations for their roof, driveways and sidewalks. Already got another job out of it as I was coming off the ladder.


How many total gallons of SH did you use?

Totaled out to 15.5 gal, owner of the house never had it cleaned

Seems…a bit excessive? Was this 6%?

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The guy at the store said it was 10.5%. I probably could have added water to it. But I’m still learning

LOL… He’s definitely still learning

There about to have violations for dead plants lol


Had a helper running the hose the whole time, bags over the down spouts, and even rinsed the whole roof down afterwards. I was really persistent about keeping everything wet. I should have said, he said it was 10.5% and the jug said the same.

dcbrock meant what was your ratio of mix not the strength of the SH

And… if you read my original post you would have seen that wrote that I used it straight…

Slow down Cowboy, these guys are trying to help you.
If you would have spent more than 2 hours read time here you would already know that putting it on straight is a bad idea.
Click that magnifying glass looking thing in the middle of your top screen and type in “roof cleaning”
It has ALL the information you need.
BTW, the roof looks great!


Thanks, wasn’t trying to be a jerk but from what I’ve seen everyone says to read lol just saying.

I know everyone says to read.
I spent a few months here before I even commented on someone’s post.
But it is true, just READ.
I don’t know of anywhere else that you can go to that will provide you with everything you need to know about making money/business/career/legacy for free.
Spend some time here checking everything out and you’ll get it.
My best wishes to you and you business.
God Bless.


Why would you put it on straight. sheesh, hundreds of posts on here about roof cleaning. That roof wasn’t very dirty 3-3.5% would have been fine. And with it being that low a pitch, should have had very little runoff, if any, if you were using a pump up for part of it. Next time spray it on and leave it f it has gutters.


Back in 1991 was using 2.2 gpm shurflo pumps with meg nozzles producing a mist or straight stream & spraying 15% SH straight to clean roofs in full Florida sun you would spray a spot move 10 ft & look back a couple minutes later & shingles were clean, rinsing only is needed or if rain was forecast or if needed with a 5.5 gpm machine & that was your dilution. Downspouts were bucketed or kiddie pool basined when possible or needed & another 120v shurflo run dry type pump would divert runoff via a 3/8’s hose to dirt or driveway. It worked excellent for me and a lot of other old timers. Plant health was not an issue unless wind blown mist did them in. So it can be done & it was super fast. Also it used 1/2 the SH you guys use diluting your mix. Do experienced guys still do it ? Yes I know half a dozen that have spent more time sitting on the throne than most of you 10yr or less guru’s have been cleaning. Do whatever works for you but it can be done safely & fast. Haven’t had my coffee yet & tend to be blunt, sorry if I offended anyone… Peace out !!!


I have had a half a dozen calls & emails & want to clarify a couple of things. I still clean roofs with 10.5% sometimes. Oak shaded & guttered & less than 12 years old [builder grade shingles & 15 years on architectural shingles] Tile 20yrs. I wont clean a roof period unless it falls in those age parameters, I know some on here clean 18yr old shingles & up roofs and I have found the gravel loss at that age is far to great . The volume is far less using straight SH than if you were to use 3 - 6 % but full strength is not always needed, I dilute to 4-6% for full sun and use a 1.8gpm pump these days when applying straight SH in a mist. I think in reality with friction loss more like 1.2gpm and wont spray in any wind due to mist blow. I regret even posting a reply, but the OP did what a lot of old timers still do daily with no damage & 1/2 as much SH as you high volume mix guys, and got criticized.


Issues 1,2, & 3…All non-issues for first-timers who used the search function before their first roof…myself included.

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