So how's the weather?

It seems that the Northeast is getting a lot of rain. How is that affecting business?

It’s raining down here in Mississippi today but I’m kinda thankful for a guilt-free day off. I’m using the time to catch up on paperwork and also a couple of articles I’m writing.

Rainy overcast cold and windy. Upstate NY

Are you working through it or are you still waiting for the season to kick off?

Im always amazed at how the weather or threat of weather affects our inbound call volume. We have had rain here the past couple of days, but all in all we are below would we would normally have for this time of year. It looks like the nice sunny weather will be back tomorrow… Thats exciting.

Weekends looking nice to! Mondays are always busier if we had a nice weekend.

We did have to move a roof wash today because of it… that was a bummer.

How many houses a week are you washing now, Chris?
When you you usually get fully cranking?

We are working when we can have completed 10 roof cleanings and 7 house washings so far. Tomorrow we start doing epoxy garage floor coatings another weather sensitive service. Pretty much booked for may. I only schedule 4 days a week so we have time to make up for lost days. Or book extra jobs.