So confused about my machine. 4 gpm 1:7 injector

I bought a Simpson 4pm machine that states it has a 1 gallon chemical to 7 gallons water downstream injector on it. I bought some 10%SH from the local walmart. Should I be running straight SH and surfactant and not dilute it? Gutters on my house are not coming clean. How can I get a stronger ratio of bleach on my second story gutters to get them clean?

Take that machine back to the store and hire a professional in your area. They will get them clean for you without issue. That, or spend some time researching downstream injectors. The one on your machine in junk.

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Thank you for your Response. Do you recommend a downstream injector to purchase and just bypass the one on the triplex pump?

Do a search on this forum and you’ll find your answers and learn more than you think.

I have read quite a bit but also new to pressure washing. I see high draw 20%. Is that 1:4 Ratio? Total newb here just want to educate myself more on this subject? I also see adjustable. Xjet seems like a lot of hassle with feed hose and such.

Are you trying to wash your house or trying to get into business?

I use the 4gpm simpson machine too. Plug the injector that’s on the pump - it sucks and it will void your pump warranty if they see that you’ve ran bleach through it. I use the GP high draw downstream injector from pressuretek; 3-5 gpm which works fine.

This ^ injector is 10:1 so 12.5% would be 1.25% on the surface. For dirty gutters, SH may not do the trick. You can try a degreaser on a little test spot to see if that lifts the stains, like LA’s totally awesome from Dollar Tree. There’s another product called gutter grenade you may want to look into.

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Thank you for the Response! I can only get my hands on the 10% but your saying the 10:1 is better than the 7:1 that is factory? I do see your point about the warranty for sure!

I use 10% pool essentials from walmart - wash on!

Yes, I think it’s better because when it fails, you can take it apart and clean or replace it. The factory injector is built into your pump. So when it fails you’re up the creek.

Northern tools sell some locally. Adjustable im not sure what psi to buy for. I would guess the 4500 psi?

If you’re cleaning moss or algae off 5he gutters 1-7 is more than enough. If you’re trying to clean black streaks off the gutter you need a strong butyl degreaser.

do you just add that into the mix to shoot up there? Sasquatch?

SH? Yes. Butyl degreaser? Better to apply it with a brush.

I am so confused.

Does the downstream injector have to match the max psi rating on your machine? 4200 4gpm. 3-5 gpm and max pressure of 4500? General Pump has these at norther tools but not any over 3500psi in stock

Bama, bud, you have got to do some reading on this site. It’s incredible how much information is on here. Use the search bar at the top and you will find the answer to every question you’ve asked this far and to some you haven’t even thought of yet.

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Bleach doesn’t clean gutters. Call a contractor

Bleach and soap clean gutters, just not the tiger stripes.

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True, but I thought that was understood.

Not to a new person like the OP. :+1: