Small pick - up towing

I’m looking at setting up a tandem enclosed trailer next spring. I want to outfit it with and 8gpm cold machine and a roof cleaning rig. Probably need a buffer tank in there too.

Does anyone have input on towing something like that with a smaller pickup? I’m thinking like a 4x4 Ranger or Tacoma. Could a smaller truck handle the weight ok?

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I would really look at getting at least a F-150 or 1500… The smaller trucks will have a hard time pulling it with everything. B.C remember your going to add a Chem tank as well as your water and some ladders. All that adds up. Also make sure you have a Ebrake Booster for the trailer and your trailer has brakes. Its a lot of strain on the brakes just for the truck…

I wouldn’t really pull anything larger than a 5x8 with a mini…I would go with at least a half ton but a 3/4 would more than fit the bill.

i have an f150, but i hate the mileage. i’m stuck because i need a “boss” vehicle for cruising around and doing estimates, and i’m sick of getting 14mpg. but i’m also going to need to tow some weight when i get this trailer set up. but i don’t want to buy two vehicles.

hmmm. i may just have to get a powerstroke diesel :cool:


Do you do all your estimates in person?

we tow our 12’ enclosed trailer with a 4x4 ford ranger with 4.0… Does great, although we live on flat ground and never travel with water in the trailer, we always fill up at the customers house… Every now and then we MAY have up to 60 gallons in the roof cleaning tank…
^ we do all of our estimates online- unless its a large commercial job with $$ on the line.

no, but i do a lot work for estate-sized residences. they are usually way too large and too involved to quote over the phone. i have responsibid for general estimating work online or over the phone.

We have been looking for a Truck and we are finding the smaller Ford Rangers do not have the balls to tow unless they are 4.0, even some of the Tacomas don’t cut it either, we are looking at F-150 and higher.

My 03 Tundra with a V6 does okay. Gets about 13-14 MPG towing. Same as the V8 version. Lol

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Although my rig is an open 5x10, and I usually carry 100 gallons or less of water. If you can afford a truck with at least a V8, You should get one. Pulling a trailer with a V6 is like pushing a 24" surface cleaner with 4 GPM. It can be done, but not very well.

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My 2013 Tacoma can tow up to 6500 lbs. I’m well under that with my equipment & it doesn’t feel like I have a load back their at all. Of course that’s with empty water tanks. I fill it on site.

John Devine.