Sluggish Whisper Wash swivel?

So my surface cleaner only gets used a couple times a year. It sits around a lot. Last couple times I’ve used it, it has not floated or had the same cleaning power as when brand new. Nozzles are fine, not clogged, and not nearly enough hours for them to be wearing out yet. The swivel itself seems to be the problem; not spinning as freely as it should.

Any advice for getting the swivel moving like it should again?

Any chance there an inline filter on the surface cleaner that you may be overlooking?

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Not trying to hijack this thread. Just a quick question: I put my inline filter, that came with my GP 20", just before the gun/trigger/handle … any foreseeable problems with that?

I’m afraid I cannot answer that knowledgeably. I still use the 15 inch surface cleaner from Lowe’s for $149 that I bought when I started in January 2019.
My washer isn’t large enough to run anything larger than that, and even then, it’s still struggles on a lot of my jobs. I was only chiming in on Alex‘s post because I have seen on other threads where people have had in-line filters clog on their surface cleaners and they didn’t know that they had one on their set up.


So, turns out it was my unloader. Guess it was wearing out and not pushing the full 8 GPM. Replaced it a few minutes ago and all is well! Surface cleaner took off like a flying saucer.

And I’ve also got more flow at low pressure now. Kicking myself for not checking this way sooner. Coulda used that extra flow a couple weeks ago when I did a condo complex.

Edit: what tipped me off finally that the unloader was on its way out, was when I tried using the turbo nozzle today and the bypass kept cycling. Tried in vain to adjust the unloader to a setting where it wouldn’t happen.

Curious what longevity most people get out of the K1/zK1? I don’t put many hours on my machine.


I had the exact same thing happen to me last year. Noticed my floater wasn’t floating as easy and same thing with the bypass cycling when trying to pop gum with my white tip. Thought maybe the pump needed servicing. turned out it was fine, was the unloader. Had about 900 hours on it.
BCE replaced it again at 1500 hours when I carried it in for a major over haul, said it wasn’t giving me full flow. That’s with zk1. So I’m thinking I’ll probably just replace about every 700 hours.
Now my other machine with 1160 hours on it came with the K7.3 and it still works like a champ.
So to answer your question, who knows, lol. Just another spare to keep.

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