Sludge Pump

Did a search and did not find an answer. Looking to get the Suttner Sludge Pump. It is sold with nozzle up to a #6. I am running 8 gpm, so it appears this nozzle would be undersized. I assume I would want a #8.5 zero degree nozzle but what I can figure out is the nozzle size (1/4" or 1/8"). Was looking over the spec sheet on the Suttner website and it does not specify either. Does anyone know which size nozzle it takes? I am assuming 1/4" but thought to ask before ordering.

I ordered the one from pressure tek and I think it was undersized as well but still works great.

It works but you have to do some retrofit to it to plug your want into it

It works with the 6, but it works extremely better with the proper orifice size. It’s 1/4”

I put a 6 foot whip line on mine and use my ball valve to turn it on and off. Also zip tied a plastic pipe to it so it stays straight.

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I’m not sure what you’re using it for but I have one of those and I hate it. I was just using it for flatwork with problematic draining but honestly it’s so much easier to just buy a trash pump from Lowe’s and sit it in the area that’s collecting water.


Yeah, a trash pump would be a lot easier, I don’t have room for one on my trailer.

That is exactly my purpose. Flatwork jobs with poor drainage that leads to have a pool of crap. I was using a water transfer pump, but it is not efficient. I was think the sludge pump would be an easy way to relocate pools water water as needed.
I have considered the trash pump, I have a generator to run it, but many of my accounts I find where I need to park the truck and trailer is not ideal for where the pool forms.
I was kind of hoping this sludge pump would be an easy solution for a mobile application to clear out pools water water quickly.
Example - take a house that has a driveway that slopes down from the street to the garage. Inevitably, you end up with a pool of water by the garage door. I suppose I could use a trash pump, run however long of a hose to the pool from the trailer and then another hose to where I will dispose, but I thought if I could set the sludge pump in the pool with a single discharge hose (5 ft of non-collapsible with regular discharge after to disposal location) that would be much more efficient.

Does it not work that way?

I run a #12 orfice in mine. Just order a 0 degree 1/4 in mega nozzle 10 or 12 orfice. And a 3/8 to 1/4 in reducer and install a 1/4 in male plug in it. So u can hook it to your wand.

Trash pumps usually require a decent amount of water to start a pull. The sludge will suck pretty dry.

I see his thinking though in a truck washers mind @SchertzServicesLLC . I generally go through 700 gallons and hour , 10 hrs straight in the same lot.