Slippery sealed concrete around pool

I am hoping someone here can help me! We just installed an inground pool with 4 feet of stamped concrete around. Everything was great until the contractor sealed the concrete. It is now so slippery when it’s wet (and it’s around a pool so it’s almost always wet!). So now I want the sealer off! The contractor says he used a water based sealer. (I hope that’s accurate because we originally thought he used a solvent based sealer since it had a very strong odor when it was applied and it is shiny.). The sealer has been applied for about 2-3 weeks so far. Will hot water pressure washing do the trick?

Hire a professional before you ruin it. You could add a polymeric grit and seal it again, surprised that your contractor didn’t mention it to you.

Wet bare feet and sealed concrete make for a slippery surface. This is the reason people add textured concrete around their pools, it aids in traction. Your current surface looks very nice and it appears they did a great job.

Edit: the sealant applied will wear over time and your traction will increase, but also the amount of water soaking into the concrete will increase.

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I doubt they used a water based sealer if it had a strong odor to it. It needs something like this added to the sealer. You wont be able to just pressure wash it off. It would need a solvent like Xylene to liquefy it first.

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