Slip sliding away

So I’m cleaning this metal roof and was at the peak, the wind changed direction and overspray got in front of my right foot and down I went. Happened so fast didn’t have a second to react. Gotta be super careful.

I hit the retaining wall pavers and torqued my shoulder but overall feeling blessed!

Heck of a ride…and the roof turned out really good.


Glad you were not hurt worse.

That is the reason I don’t do roof washes…except for a few that I can do from the ground.

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Wow! Be careful up there garry, these metal roofs can turn into water slides real quick. Glad your ok :+1:

I know, I just love the views ;>)

Chicks dig scars, Coop!

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That actually happened to me about a month and a half ago and I was at the peak when I slipped but luckily they had one of those strips that run across the bottom about two feet up from the edge and I caught my heels on it and stopped right where I was about two feet from the edge so got lucky on that one.

Way, way past chicks digging my scars…lol

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Glad your ok, could have been a lot worse.

Was it a 1 story or higher?

Lol I would hope so by now

Was actually a metal roof on a fancy carport. I’d guess only 18 foot at peak but still took a chunk right out of my undies!

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Glad you’re not hurt badly Coop. Stay safe buddy.

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Thanks Heath. Nuttin but a scratch :+1:

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Geez you are blessed! You have a lot more stones than me I wouldn’t have been up there without a tie off of some sort. Cool photos though!

I grew up on roofs and high up in trees. Gives ya a different perspective. ;>)

Thank you.

I was on the ground in about 3 secs, took me a min to get back up there :confused:

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Yeah, pushin daisies up provides a different perspective, too. You need to be careful.

Whew…Glad you’re okay Garry. Did you close your eyes and imagine you were at the water park? I bet you had just enough time to think “this is gonna hurt”…lol. The retaining wall messed you up but might’ve actually saved you. Another 3’ to the ground and you might’ve broken an ankle. I slipped on a 16’ building once that had blacktop at the bottom. Luckily I did the splits over the peak instead of going down. Those metal roofs are like ice when wet.

You earned your check today. Better tell the wife so she can take you for all you can eat steak. :cow2: :smiley:


Lucky it was a fast 1. Could have stopped right before going over only to find out your still going to go over.

Chicks dig scars
Most wounds heal
But glory lasts forever

Stay safe!!

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Thanks Brian.

Happened to quick for any thoughts except I’m slidddding…thump. That quick. Darn roof mix :confused:

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