Slate Roof

We got called on to bid a slate roof. First for us… Anything we need to know for pricing? Im imaging… Chem will exit the area much quicker?

Need to be careful with surfactants they can stain the slate.

Have you ever done one Clark?

No I just read that on another forum. Unfortunately right now I’m suffering from a severe case of CRS so I can’t tell you which one.

I did one. I won’t do another.
Easy on the soap and take your time. Set realistic expectations for the customer because it still might look ugly, just clean ugly.

never cleaned a slate roof, but i clean slate tile all the time. we use a proprietary product, but i have used this stonetech has some kick ■■■ products. we prespray with that, agitate and then use a surface cleaner (a little bit different than surface cleaners for power washers, this has a vacuum attached). you may also be able to upsell a sealant, maybe something like this the urethane might be best, just be sure to let customer know that it’ll give the slate a shine.

Why ugly do you not like the look of slate?

The homeowner thought it was ugly underneath all the massive accumulation of funk. I got it all off and he said, “Huh, I kinda liked it the other way.” Go easy on the soap or no soap to avoid discoloring the slate.

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the products i mentioned are designed for slate and will not damage or discolor. if you are interested chris, let me know and i’ll ship some to you

Anybody got any new info on slate roof cleaning. The banks that I clean want their slate roofs cleaned.

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Looks Good. What was your process?

Standard roof mix of 3-4% no rocket science