Skid build 4x7 Blue powder coating

skid build 4x7

with a p-30 pump and a 6.5 gpm budget build, with a remote down stream injector 275 gallon tote then two 55


Nice build coming together there! I love the color on that steel, I hope you went with a thin enough gauge because if not that suckers gonna be heavy! Why did you choose to go with a IBC tote? Those thin wall bladders crack quick under the sun. Nice stubby impact I have two I use just about everyday :slight_smile: I don’t know if I would have gone with Texas Pressure Washing on your electronics but I hope it continues to work out for you. Is Midwest using Nylon or Aluminum for their proportioner manifold? Using either one of those I would be weary about it lasting more than a season. Love the fuel cell, is it from Ebay? Are you putting a fuel level gauge on it? It does look like it has a sender on it???

Bought me and the boys the Milwaukee heated jackets, they’re bs! Only last a couple hours. I’m not happy.

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What? Don’t let the red army hear that, you will be trolled into oblivion. Those guys and their ecosystem are zealots.

I don’t know what that had to do with this guys build, but thanks for sharing.

My tote has been on my trailer for 3 years, not cracked yet. I plan on replacing it this winter, just so I don’t have an issue. I keep some water in it all the time. Maybe it is a southern constant heat thing?

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One of my totes is 7 years old, never had a problem with it. Heck, it’s just water, so no biggie if it did spring a leak. If it leaked, for less than a $100 I’d get another really nice one.


I got a heated vest off of Amazon. It’s yeh years old and works awesome. Works off of any battery pack with USB port.

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If you need to wear a heated vest while working, not working hard enough. If sitting in a deer or duck blind on a cold morning then that’s a different story.


Had I known I would have gone for the cheaper alternatives especially knowing SH will get to them and ruin them, kind of an impulse buy. The positive side is I’ve got a few more m12 battery’s now.,vsc:703736028841864442,oid:6400471208013718469,iid:11848632701397896810,rds:UENfMTc2NTkzODg2NDg1NzU0NzI4OTl8UFJPRF9QQ18xNzY1OTM4ODY0ODU3NTQ3Mjg5OQ%3D%3D,pvt:a&oshop=apv

I’ll tell you what I’d spend a few dollars on: an air conditioned vest. Especially if it runs on 18v Ryobi batteries.


So which of those did you go with?

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Does it really run for 8 hours? Might be nice for the early morning fishing departures…

I’d imagine you’ve SH’d the crap out of it too?

It will last 8 hours on the low setting, which is all I’ve ever needed. Never washed in. It’s nice in the deer stand with my fuzzy bedroom slippers on though. Got to keep my feet warm :slight_smile:

The Milwaukee one I’ve got will last about 8 hours on the lowest setting. The only problem is it’s barely noticeable, not worth the discomfort of having a battery in your pocket. The high setting is pretty decent and noticeable but your outta juice in 2 hours with a 2AH battery. I might try the one ibs got.

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Isn’t it almost summer in Auckland? We’ve only had a few frosts because of all the rain but would be nice to have the heated jackets when it’s cold

It’s not really the cold it’s more the cold wind, been crazy the last few weeks. I could see my guys morale declining it’s the best I could do without giving them warm cuddles on the job lol.

Gotta look after the boys! Yeah that might have made the morale get worse :joy:
Got a weeks worth of gutter cleaning to do next week and it’s meant to rain. I’m gonna have to get the boss to give me some cuddles so I don’t quit lol

Doing gutters gave me depression lol. Good luck.

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