Size of supply filter matter?

I am planning to put a filter between the hose reel and the buffer tank and then another between the tank and the pressure washer. Running 1" crushproof line.

The filter that I got from PW Products in FL is one of those big blue and clear ones. Wondering if I can put that between the reel and tank (I have a Y splitter - full flow type - on the hose reel so I can shut off the water if I need to to mess with said filter).

Then put a smaller filter like this one between the buffer tank and pressure washer (after the shut off valve from the tank).

Does the bowl of the filter impact water flow making a large bowl like the blue one better for feeding the pw or does it really matter?

Very limited on space and want to minimize bulk where ever I can without shooting self in foot.

As always, many many thanks for the sharing!

Two filters will cut your water flow down significantly

Just put one filter before the tank and you will be fine.

I filter between tank and pump. Between tank and feed slows water fill


I just got that same blue top filter and have it between the tank and the pump. Keep in mind, that filter will not completely fill once you get water flowing. I just hooked mine up yesterday and thought I was doing something wrong but after a message to @squidskc and @Innocentbystander I was told it wouldn’t conpletely fill. I have another smaller filter between my reel and my buffer, but haven’t even used this new set up yet on a job so I can’t comment on how it’s all working. For the 30 mins or so I ran it yesterday it seemed to be working fine with no flow problems.

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Good to know. I filter all water into the tank not before the pump so I like I said my assumption was suction and gravity would keep it from filling. Glad you confirmed it for both our sake.

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Never ran a filter…never had a problem

Maybe I’m just lucky

Water I used from a well recently formed an iron bacteria layer on the bottom of my buffer tank, this then proceeded to de-laminate and clogged pre filters on 5.5gpm and 8 gpm.
Luckily I saw the reduced flow while my guy was washing and pulled up.
That could have been expensive…

Yep, IBS confirmed it for me. Thanks to both of you guys for the help!

Thanks! I have seen pics and videos where quite a few folks were running 2, so I thought that might be a “best practices” thing… thanks for the clarification.

Hi IBS… appreciate your vast reserves of wisdom… I am not much for plumbing knowledge and am confused a bit…

If I am running one inch line from reel to tank and also one inch line from tank to PW, why would the filter slow down between the reel to tank and not the tank to PW? Is it the pull of the PW encouraging more water over the push of the supply hose?

My tank is primarily an insurance policy, as I am running 5.5 gpm if that matters for the flow math.

Thanks for the advice!

Thanks, I would have been google searching that…lol

wow… glad you caught that.

Water coming from the spigot doesn’t have a lot of pressure. It slows down more going thru a filter. The pump overcomes the filter by sucking it from the tank

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Thanks… I thought that might be the situation but wanted to be sure I learned correctly. Really appreciate you!