Site and store feedback

@Chris and @Thad

I was just over at the window cleaner forum for the first time in a long time and noticed that AtCost Printing was advertising a sale. It was not added over here despite some of us paying dues.

As I mentioned over there, asking about printing services has been recent conversation here on the forum.

Also, in the past it was brought up that folks in this forum weren’t really giving the window cleaning store a chance for pressure washing gear and the pressuretek ads were taken down and replaced with the window cleaner store ads.

I have a few suggestions:

  1. I’m assuming most people are on their phones. I don’t see any ads for the store here like I think they are on the desktop.

  2. As far as the products, I didn’t see a single unloader worth a darn.

They’re selling electric HAND CARRY units that NONE of us can use on the first page of pressure washing units and a BE pressure washer with dual ball valves outlets for $3700 as the first option and a $670 2.5 gpm pressure washer. Kinda unhelpful.

It took my well into 2 pages to find a Suttner 2315 and there’s absolutely no description about how it’s 90% easier to keep the trigger squeezed and not a word about how it’s chemical resistant. Making it arguably the best option for downstreamers which I’d venture to guess is 95% of this forum.

  1. This forum is down A LOT lately. Law of averages don’t work in the favor of the store advertisements if that means the forum losing ANY percentages if it’s desktop views and loses all the ad views from mobile at all times since there aren’t any.

  2. The Pressure Washing Supplies link returned a 404 error.

  3. Present the same opportunities to the pressure washing forums as the window forum gets, but do more than check in occasionally. AtCost Printing and the store can build relationships in the forum like @PWProducts is doing.

Hope that’s helpful.


I greatly appreciate your feedback and agree with basically everything you said. Once we wrap up our current projects we intend to switch our focus over to these items to get them brought up to speed and improved.

@Thad is no longer in the PWRA company he has moved on to focusing on our annual Convention.

How can I help with the store? I’d be glad to.

Btw was just trying to order from the store and it wouldn’t send me the password reset email. Alex helped me out now, but just a heads up.

The Suttner 2315 which I’m head over heels for is competitively priced at $56… BUT when I just tried to order it the shipping was $26.

Also, it came up under a different number.

Shipping should be free over $99 for PWRA/WCRA members. You’re almost there


Thanks for the offer I appreciate it.

We are looking into the password reset thing now.

We will take a look at the shipping price.

In the store PWRA members who are in year 2 status get free shipping on all orders all the time over $99

Year 1 members get free shipping all the time on orders over $199

And the general public gets free shipping over $299 this month.

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Great stuff Brodi

And thank you @Chris for having such a great place for folks to learn and contribute to the industry, we appreciate everything you and your team do

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In retrospect, I didn’t know she had gotten booted for being a vendor at this time and didn’t say this to create a problem. Hope it wasn’t misinterpreted.