Siphon valve for 12v pump

I use my old 12v pump to transfer sh from the 53 gal drums to the 55 gallon on board tank on the truck. I ended up significantly shortening the hose (used to be about 10-12’ long) because it seemed nearly impossible to get it started. It used to work pretty easy and I even tried two new pumps because I thought it was a bad pump issue (7 gpm delavan’s) but didn’t change anything. Even at only about 6’ long it still struggles and it requires filling up the 1/2” hose with water and then turning the pump on and hurrying up to put it into the tank. Is there a better way? My buddy suggested a siphon valve but that seems like it has its own “pump” and plus its brass, probably only last a couple times in the 12.5%. Is there a stainless valve or something I can do to make this process work easily by just sticking the hose in the tank when it’s empty and have it suck right away? I would like to get back to a 12’ hose so I don’t have to move the truck closer everytime…

Which hose is 12’ long" Your intake hose? Most 12V have about a 12’ limit they can pull. Probably less if it’s having to pull uphill. Why do you need such a long hose? Are you trying to use the pump that’s mounted on the truck?

Yes the intake hose. The 12v is mounted to the truck and the trucks chem tank inlet is probably 8’ higher than the draw tube at the bottom of the bulk tank.

You’re right at the limit from most manufacturers… Most diaphragm pumps can be run dry, but takes a long time for them to pump out 12’ of air before it gets to liquid. Plus make sure your outlet is open first and that you don’t have any air leaks.

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I think I may need to just find a new solution. Even after cutting the intake hose back to 6 feet it’s still struggles to get started sometimes. Filling the hose with water first helps, but sometimes it will just sit there and the sh will go up half way and bounce back and forth halfway up the line.

I just put a 1/2" check valve on the bottom of all my dipsticks so they never lose prime. I run 15’ of inlet hose on my delavan 7gpm and it pulls it no problem every time. Get the ones that are sold in the soft wash industry and they will be impervious to the bleach. Here is the ones pressuretek sells

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Then he would need a 3 way with a line going to his water to flush it. Plus he’s probably got his line rolled up somewhere when he’s not using.