Single Wire Hose?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is the hose that came with my 4g/4000psi PW? It’s like got more fight than my ex wife! I assume that is two wire?

Anyway…besides " buy Bob’s hose" ; what is the type of hose that is best suited for residential work that is more flexible and does not put up such a fight?

What single wire brands are the best bang for the buck…? MTM Kobrajet? Simpson?

The part I dread most about PW is fighting the hose…


PS…Goodyear Gray is the popular choice…Anyone know who makes Pressure Pros R1 and do any other brands rebrand Goodyear Gray?

Pretty much all I use is the Goodyear gray Neptune

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Same. Goodyear gray neptune.

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Do you have a swivel at the base of your gun?


No…I do not. I have a ball valve on the end of my current 2 wire(Simpson) hose…

crucial piece of gear here…


Just trying to gauge how deficient Pressure Pros R1 4000 psi is to Gray Neptune…the prices are all over the place on the Goodyear…looking for 100 ft thanks!

You need that swivel along with your ball valve… it pretty much eliminates all the fighting with the hose.

@Innocentbystander gets his hose from these guys. I ordered 200’ a while back, and have had no problems with it. Ask for the grey non marking, i think it’s only like a $10 upgrade or something. Was $240 shipped for 200 feet.

Thanks…I read about United hose with @Innocentbystander under a different Nick way back in 2010 in another forum. What brand swivel are you using?


The one squidskc linked above. Same one thats in this video that @racer did.

I bought Pressure Pro R1 from KEC Supply and it was made by Flextral. I haven’t used it much yet though so I can’t tell you how well it holds up.

I’m a member of the Racer Fan Club. But I’m also a member of the IBS Fan Club so I always lead with the male end. (My man child brain always wants to make so many jokes about leading with the male end.)

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Thanks @squidskc and @Racer

Just ordered one and appreciate the setup ideas!

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Thats the 1 wire 3/8 4000psi Racer? Is it best to get one 200’ or 2 100’. if two how are you guys connecting them?

I like the 100 ft. Just use QDC to join. If you blow hose half the cost to replace vs 200. Plus I swap mine around periodically since the 100 going to your gun gets the most wear.


Wow, the things you dont even consider when starting out, makes perfect sense. Thanks!

Used my @Racer swivel/valve today…AWESOME…Only pita is the valve which leaked a bit but I replumbed it with blue gorilla tef tape. Thanks @Racer!

Now to get a 100’ hose…This 50 is killing me!

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That’s exciting. I ordered parts for the same setup over the weekend and they are arriving today. Should get to use it on a job this weekend. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

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