Simpson 4GPM from Lowes?

I can get this out the door with the 3 year protection plan for $960.

Anything I should be worried about before I hit buy? Can I do better? A lot better with $1200-$1300?

Am confused by seeing so many machines with the same specs at wildly different prices. Would have to heave it in and out of the truck for a bit but would end up mounted on a trailer pretty quickly.

It will be fine for cleaning the mower and small stuff around the house.

i bought the exact thing Simpson and 2 time used it would not crank… I took it back…
I did a Water Cannon 4300 psi 1,400. My big unit blew a fuse it went down I used the Cannon 6 hrs straight… Big gas tank I LOVE IT…


I have a Simpson from Lowes. I don’t recommend it. I turned it into a backup quickly. The injector is worse than useless. I wasted SO much time trying to get it to draw. It came with a little hose that is really stiff. It’s hard to start. The whole thing sits at a funny angle and the low oil switch randomly shuts off the engine. I love my new machine from pressuretek and I made back the extra money on the first job. Buy once, cry once.


Simpson’s havnt been getting very good reviews here. What is your main market/ what are you hoping to do with it?


I think you can get a 4000 4 gpm from water cannon delivered to your door for under a $1000

Avoid anything with a AAA pump or you’ll just be spending way more for a nice little honda engine that sits around until you do something with it.

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Glad I asked.

Man, innocent you give it straight lol. Maybe you could remember wayy back when when you had small $? What to get off the ground? I could maybe stretch to $1600 on credit… that’s it there is no more.

Thank you fat.
Which one stock?

I’m in a small town in AR with a mix of everything. 25K mobiles to 250K homes. Right now we hustle for everyone, smile and say thank you, and are trying to make up for a total lack of experience and real equipment by always doing something that shows we go the extra mile and care. Really trying hard not to f*&k things up like gardens and oxidized paint, but lack experience. Extremely interested in being as soft as we can on a house but don’t know how to do that yet.
As far as I know I’m truly the only gig in town and so there don’t seem to be any barriers to getting bigger and busier. We’re at about 25% word of mouth after two months. Full scope damage-free house cleaning from roof down in one company based in the AR rural economy is what I want so that we can say yes to everyone. Things are cheap here and $350 a day would feel like a windfall. It does already.

Yes Paul but same machine minus the 3 year plan.

Thank you squid. Figured I could just have Lowes replace it free though. I’m sure it’s a hassle too. CAT pumps?

Are you running a buffer tank? I’ve never been to rural Arkansas, but I imagine there might be a lot of well water and 4 GPM might be hard to get. Just a thought.

Weight could be a problem too. I can just barely lift my 4000/4 pressure pro and that is aluminum. Don’t drop it out of the back of your truck, trying to use some crappy ramps, like I did.

My old Simpson machine is 3400/2.5 GPM. It was the most expensive one in the store at $800. I thought I was the man when I bought that! Heh.

No buffer tank right now but building a little trailer is right around the corner. I haven’t run into a water problem yet and most of my jobs are in town on city water but still I’ll be glad to have the tank. And yeah the thing is going to be heavy for a while but there’s two of us.

No clients have laughed out loud at our little 3100/2.5 machine yet but I’m waiting for it.

Water Cannon does have this one for $999:

Aluminum frame and website says 5 year warranty on the AR pump. Anybody ever taken them up on a pump replacement?

That is the one I got 13hp… I got the quick start feature and longer hose something else total tax and all about $1,400

If you get an AR you will become very proficient at replacing oil seals

what is an AR may I ask??

‘The Annovi Reverberi pump is a triplex ceramic plunger type RSV series rated to 4200 PSI with a five year warranty’

from water cannon’s site

Another advantage to my Pressure Pro is that everybody is familiar with it. If it starts leaking hydraulic oil from the turbocharger, 17 people on the forum will have had the exact problem and they can post photos of exactly where to put the duct tape. If that happens with the Simpson, everybody will give vague possible answers and tell you that Simpson sucks. Which guy do you want to be for the next 3 years? Don’t compound your inexperience by buying a weird machine that nobody can help you with!

Here is a rule of thumb to go buy in any business. Buy from suppliers that supply the industry. When your “Lowes” good deal breaks down do you really think that you will get any timely help for Lowes? I’ve broken down at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon, called the local company I bought the machine from and they had me up and running by 6:30 the same afternoon. That is priceless.