Simpson 4240 wont start! help!

Basically what the title says. Checked the air filter and it smells a bit like oil. I am no mechanic but I assume that means it needs to be replaced. What would cause this?

It turns over when I pull the cord but it putts out very quickly. It’s started up every time until now. My local shop told me they are 3 weeks out on repairs so I was hoping to do it myself. Any ideas would be very helpful. I called Simpson technical support and the woman seemed to not know how the machines worked at all.

Carburetor. If the machines old your compression might be off too. You need to watch a lot of small engine repair videos before you work on it though considering this is your moneymaker. You should also be using ethanol stabilizer in the fuel

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This is about my tenth time using it. It hasn’t had any old gas in it. Would the carburetor get screwed up that quickly?

Check your engine oil for proper level.

Remove air filter. Attempt to start machine. If it starts and then dies when you reinstall the air filter, then replace filter.

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I didn’t have too much time before to really answer this but your air filter smelling like oil is not good. Have you been storing it on its side, tipping it over, etc? Another cause for this is if you’ve added too much oil. Check the level. If theres oil on your air filter theres definitely oil in your combustion chamber, and also in the carburetor. It could be that you haven’t closed the gas lid tight enough and water got into your fuel. There’s lots of possible causes but once you get into the machine and take a look it’ll narrow it down.

You’ll need to take out the spark plug and clean it off or replace it, make sure the chamber doesn’t have any oil. Then take off the carb and clean it well. Brake clean or carb clean works. Check the air filter and make sure its fine. Check your oil and make sure there isn’t any gas in it. Check your gas and make sure there isn’t any water in it. Make sure all your fluids are good and the combustion chamber is clear before you try and start it.

Again, watch a lot of videos and read about small engines before you start doing any of this. They’re not complicated at all but you need to know what each piece does before you start messing with it, especially if you’re not very handy. You don’t know what you don’t know but you should know that you don’t know.

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def check oil level 1st. clamp off the gas line. if your carb had that 2nd bolt in the fuel bowl, remove and empty with that hole. replace bolt. remove spark plug, and try to start it. if there alot of gas spurting out the plug hole? if no, replace plug. try to start using start fluid. if it trys to start, you either have bad gas or plugs
dirty carb. if gas was spurting out the of plughole then it likely was flooded. if didn’t start with start fluid, it could be plug or coil.

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These guys gave you great advice… To simplify a little… You’re gonna want to check air, fuel, and spark… Yeah, just about everything to do with those 3 lol…

But I’d still say we are spitting into the wind here without more info. These guys gave some awesome advice but if that ends up not helping we are gonna ask more questions/need more info to help more. Can I suggest maybe uploading a video to youtube and sharing it here? Maybe some pics of the filter and what you’re looking at.

Reminds me of my 2-Stroke dirt bike days lol. But you are dead on with this one.