Signature Rules on BBS

Every power washing BBS that I know of has signature rules for posting. We need to make a decision here and I want input from as many members as possible so please cast your vote AND in a followup post give a brief explanation of your choice so others can better understand your viewpoint.

Y’all are really helping this BBS and this association move forward at a tremendous pace and I appreciate your help on this.

Definitely for signatures. I want to know who I am sharing info with and who I am getting info from. I don’t mind sharing. I feel having your name and business name attached to every post makes me keep my posts inline with the topic at hand.

Should include at least

city and state
business name.

I think that there should be a signature, ESPECIALLY if you are asking for help or advice.

Sigs are good. But if people don’t do them when they first post we shouldn’t jump down thair backs about it right away. Just my 2¢

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Signatures should be ENFORCED! If they were already enforced we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I like to know who I am sharing information with as well as know who I am taking advice from.

Thanks Thad.

I agree with what others said. I don’t want to share info with competitors in my immediate area, or get bum advice from them.

Signatures for the win!

I also want to know WHO is giving advice too. A sig and website helps with that. When I see a guy giving advice on bidding a million sq ft parking garage and also telling me how to clean a 12 story building, and I go to his website and find out he has one 4gpm cold machine or the guy is cleaning the 12 story building with a 12v pump, I know how credible he is…

You voted for no signatures.

Really?!?! That was unintentional. Voted from my phone. It was a little circle and I have fat fingers. Next time ill use a #2 pencil. Sorry

Full sigs are required in the PWRA section.

We are all professionals here. We ask each other for advice. We give each other advice. If you have something to hide, you shouldn’t be on a forum like this. There is nothing you can do to keep your competitors from doing what you are doing. This forum and others like it are open to all who want to take advantage of it. Good competition is good for business. The more pressure washing or window cleaning trucks people see on the road, the more they become aware of what we do and how we can help them. I would hate to be the only pressure washer in a town where nobody knows about what we can do for them. Competition is healthy. Sigs should be required.

Count me down for sigs.

I’m against mandatory sigs in the public area.

As of now in the PWRA private area they are 100% mandatory. That I like.

I guess it’s another one of the differences between pressure washers and window cleaners. Window cleaners don’t seem to care too much and most pressure washers insist on one before they will answer questions.

I agree…not much “trade secrets” with window cleaners. It’s not that difficult, squeegee, mop, soap…but PW is a whole different animal with “tons” of trade secrets. I can go buy a $1000 home depot PW, and still know what and how to clean effectively cause if trade secrets…a lot of it is the PW, but it’s even more to have the right chems and detergents and blends. Long story short, I don’t want to give away “trade secrets” that I have learned with PW, but to be honest, there isn’t many trade secrets with Window Cleaners

I am first and foremost a window cleaner, so call me stupid if you want to.

I voted against mandatory signatures for two reasons.

  1. As soon as you make mandatory signatures, you get the “go fill in your sig” Nazis, who are (imo) even worse than the “go use the search feature” Nazis.

  2. I think simpler is better for the beginning user. The less info they’re required to enter up front, the greater likelihood of them sticking around in the community. Even people who post once in a while w/ no signature, but are faithful browsers are a benefit to the owners of the site, because they are eyes for ads, and likely will purchase from the store at some point as well. So anything you can do to lower the threshold for the new member is good, in my mind.

Signatures would only be required to post, not to browse.

well that’s even more ridiculous, in my mind, if you’re worried about “giving away trade secrets.” People will still browse and get all of the trade secrets!

You don’t answer one guy who asks cuz he doesn’t have a signature. Another guy (with a sig) says “well, I actually had his same question. So what’s the answer?” And then the sig-free guy gets the same info.

This forum is GOING to be a source of great information. It is GOING to help people who are in your area, and it is GOING to share trade secrets. That’s the POINT. Trying to prevent that from happening to certain people is just silly. Join the PWRA if you wanna know who you’re talking to. And even then it’ll be hard to keep up, if it grows like WCRA has grown.

(Edit: not talking directly to Thad. Obviously he’s already a PWRA member. He IS the PWRA. :D)

BTW, I am talking to Thad and everyone else who has busted his (or her) butt to grow their business.

  • Spent countless hours in front of the desk or behind the wand to grow their business
  • Put their personal lives on the sideline to grow their business
  • Gone years without a vacation to grow their business

The list of personal sacrifice to grow a business is endless and making those sacrifices will force/train you how to be a better business owner. Those who want to take the fast track will not make it because they dont have the dedication.

sounds like you’re just tired, period. And grumpy. Does someone having a signature make you more willing to repeat yourself? Interesting, if so. And asking a question of industry experts on a forum is also a form of “research.”

I, for one, do not see a direct correlation between browsing and building a long-lasting business, vs. asking a beginner’s question and being a failure.