Sign on back of open trailer gate?

I am in the process of having signs made for my open trailer. I was wondering what material anyone is using. Options I have looked at - 040 aluminum, 063 alum, 080 alum and a I believe PVC with an alum backing. I had 6 washers welded to the back of the trailer gate (each corner and 2 in the middle) to bolt on whatever I get. 040 of course is by far the cheapest… I guess my question/concern is… Is 040 strong enough to hold with the rush of air while driving? Anyone using 040 on back of open trailer

Thicker the better… Just make sure its secure…


Use 1/2" mdo and direct apply vinyl.

I would use about 1/8" aluminum or the aluminum coated plastic. Much lighter than wood and will last longer.

I’m a carpenter and my Aunt is an artist. I will put it together, she will paint it. I’m just going to use a piece of 1/2" marine plywood 4’x3’ (it will probably weigh 20-30 lbs). Cheap and does the job.

Also, i second what ARCPW said. you don’t need a sheet of anything (wood or aluminum) flying off the back of your trailer while you’re driving 70 MPH down the highway. that would definitely be bad for business.