Sidewalk Weirdness

Can somebody please explain this to me? First off,
I do not use enough pressure in my surface cleaner to etch, or leave marks. I also did not use any chemical at all. AND I have used my surface cleaner on sidewalks plenty of times with absolutely no problems! So, Can someone please tell me what is going on here??? Thanks ahead for any good advice.

Do you have a before picture of the sidewalk?

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Do you live where it snows and or ice melt would be used?

no sir. East Texas.

Yes Sir. Here you go…

It was all there before. It’s just clean now. Look closely at the pictures, you can see it under the grime.


Its a good thing I took before and after pics. I was about to pay for a new sidewalk. I just want to know what in Sam Hill could do that to the concrete?

Well shoots my theory! You can see the aggregate in the picture above in a section you haven’t washed.

The reason it’s not as bad on the sides is they used a float trial on it more to tuck the edges. Was a bad concrete pour if you ask me! Didn’t bring enough cream to the top.

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Every day, every job, every plant, every piece of loose vinyl, every crack, crevice, shutter and window…


I suspected something went wrong there, Many thanks for confirming that for me! I am mighty glad It was not from my doing. WHEW!

You bet! I will be extremely vigilant after this one for sure!
Thanks Again!

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Now you know what to look for. I’ve seen it before. Tell the customer before and set expectations. We’re they mad?

No, They said it was really clean!

I just felt bad because they never noticed before because it was dirty.

They could throw a top coat on it and it would look better.

Hey! Thats a GREAT IDEA!!!

Concentrations of magnesium in the concrete. It was there when it was poured. Had sidewalks poured at my house last year and they did that. Makes me angry

I bet @gbattle can drop some knowledge

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