Sidewalk rust removal

So what is the best way to clean sidewalk with rust??
Is it: pressure wash then rust removal ? What about a post treatment ?
Spray rust removal wait pressure wash then post treat.
Have some side walk work coming up just trying to figure the best process

This stuff is amazing.
Just spray on first and surface clean as normal

All this is is oxalic acid premixed. For $15 you pay for that stuff you can get enough oxalic to make 10-15 gallons.


I always pressure wash first. One or two applications of oxalic and I walk away.

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F9 good too


Good to know. Thx. FL water is full of iron

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F9 is my favorite, but it’s expensive compared to oxalic. And it seems like most folks are looking for the cheap way out. If it’s really bad I’m shelling out the money for F9.



Sorry to blow up the thread, but I get my oxalic directly from Florida Labs. I don’t know if they’re near you, but may be able to just pick it up if they are.

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No post treatment… or does the oxi act has a post

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Ah. If it’s covered in algae I’d PRE treat with house wash mix, but if not I’d just wash it with plain water to open things up for the oxalic.

Honestly, I don’t know the rules for mixing SH and Oxalic so I’d definitely wash in between them. Pre treat SH, Post treat Oxalic.

for sure, wash in between unless you just want to blow the sidewalk up, lol.


Ok went and look at the walkways and side walk measure it out around 8500sq foot… mostly all that 8500 sq foot need some rust treatment … where would you guys be at on price per sq foot?

How many hours is it going to take you?

I would say a full day if not a 2nd day

Aggregate is such a pain too… lol

Charge your normal price and then decide what rust remover your going to use and the price of it and how much you will need and then add that to your price if it’s not to bad go with the oxalic because it’s cheaper but if the rust is bad you will probably need the F9

I don’t like to do much of anything for less than a grand a day. I don’t know how bad it is, but I’d factor in F9 if it’s bad enough.

I am only running a 2500 psi machine but it does good on driveways, plus u don’t want to much pressure u will just be breaking all the little agggreate up

That’s more than sufficient for concrete.