Sidewalk pricing help

Hey everyone, I have a potential customer who needs their sidewalk pressure washed. They live on an acre and said that their sidewalk goes around their whole house. How should I price this? By Linear feet?

linear feet x width of sidewalk x price per sf + water & pita factor.

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I’m .25 sqft majority of the time, no lower than .20 sqft but I use heat too, so…someone has to pay for that desiel. :wink:

.10-15 a sq ft. You can wash 1500-2000 sq ft an hour. Plus rinse time.

I would include rinse time as well as take a look at whether or not you have to move any pinestraw or mulch in order to clean what’s underneath it. I recently did a home where the pinestraw was hanging over their walkway borders and had to move that out of the way when cleaning to the edge of the walkway or else I would blow it all over the yard - that took time to do and should be factored into your price.