Siamese Kits

I was talking to a fellow washer not long ago, and he was telling me he got a siamese kit so that he could run two machines at the same time into a single pressure line. This idea seems like an awesome way to increase GMP.
I have an 8 GPM/3500 machine and a 4 GPM/4000 machine.

1.Can this be done? It would be great to have 12 GPM for larger flatwork. BAM, 48 inch surface cleaner.
2. I can’t get my head around how the PSI of the water flow from each machine would not “fight” each other. On one end you have 4000 psi coming in and the other is 3500 psi.
3. If this in some way works, using a 275 gal tote, do you T the single water line out to each machine or would you install a second bulkhead fitting so each machine pulls from their respective bulkhead? Currently I have a single 2 inch bulkhead>1 1/2 inch feed line to my 8 gpm.

Does this idea in some form actually work? How do you set it up?

It can work. Most of the time it ends up costing more and more of a headache than it’s worth.

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Yep, what he said ^^, it usually ends in a catastrophic failure.

In addition to what the others have said, you’ll need to upgrade to 1/2” pressure hose to get any real benefit from running 12gpm.

Well shoot… I was hoping for better responses.

To be honest I’m hoping for better response from PW manufacturers regarding ability to connect machines it’s a cool feature that honda offers on generators.

You have to have a pressure/trap unloader. It won’t wotk with a K7 or something similar.

Not the best idea, but…trapped pressure unloaders, 2 back flow preventers/valves, and a T fitting. Had a local hydraulic shop build one for me back when I ran 2 4’s. Had no where near the output of one 8gpm. Closer to 6 gpm, but I never actually did a bucket test with it.