Siamese kit questions

Looking at building a all in 1 type setup. I do a lot of sewer jetting and agricultural cleaning (grain bins, hog barns, etc).

I have a 350hp Chevy engine that I have lieing around. Thinking of running 2 belts off that, that will run pulleys on both sides of the mount. Each side will have 2-10 gpm pumps (4 pumps total). Anyone who has used the siamese setup can offer some advice on hooking all 4 into a 1" piranha line. Id assume id need to use 3 kits to completely do it.


Lol we shall see. Just seeing what can be done. When not jetting I run 4 machines for washing barns, bins etc. I am thinking of hard plumbing the siamese setups in and mounting to the sides of the trailer walls. When not jetting I can hook the washers up independently and when jetting use a whip to each washer to hook into the siamese setup.

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Just please, for the love of all your fingers and other extremities, build some type of belt cover or shroud. This just sounds like a good way to get someone severely mangled and lose everything that you’ve ever worked for.

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Why not just run a 40gpm pump? Why would you want to run 4 pumps?


How important do you think it is if it’s inside the trailer out of the way? Do you mean in case someone sticks their big ol’ fingers in it, or in case it flies off? I’m struggling with the design and time it will take to cover mine right now.

He wants to be this guy. :rofl:

That thing is a detroit 3cyl 2 stroke btw.

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They’re not terribly hard to build. Some expanded metal and a few welds is better than nothing. I’d want a belt guard on any machine that I was personally using.

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I have a setup that runs off a 6 cyclinder diesel engine that was heavily modified. Trying to condense weight & size by using a gaser

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A 40gpm @ 3000 psi will run roughly $20,000+. And you’ll still need a 75+hp engine. Thats if you build it yourself. Theres a company that builds 40gpm trailer setups, they run roughly 75,000 for new. They run them on 105hp turbo diesels typically as well.

What diesel engine? Got any pics?

I’ll take some here shortly. Worked amazing, but want something more compact and non diesel. Only ran 2 pumps on it. The one im thinking of doing now will be a 71 350 chevy running 4 pumps.

20k? You reckon?

Myers pumps are around 16,000 but they have wierd shafts

Four 4 inch bolts sticking up from bottom of trailer. Drill a hole on each bolt near the top. Expanded metal cage with 3/4 inch square tubing frame. 4 holes in bottom of frame to line up with the bolts. stick a cotter pins in holes to keep it in place. Easy Peasy,


I like the way you think, but that will take up some space. Remote Radiator?

Cats are notoriously overpriced. Search “GIANT” pumps, they’ll have what you need.

Oh ya, I like that idea w/ the bolts and cotter pins. Thanks!

After seeing the photo I kinda like the quad pump setup. Looks neat. As ibs said she’ll take up some room and weigh a decent amount, would be a cool setup on an Isuzu flatdeck, stainless fuel tank, remote start, smothered in braided lines, all the bells and whistles :ok_hand:

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