Shurflo pumps

Anybody have any experience with the shurflow 12v pumps? A couple of people said they seem to be more reliable than other brands but they are 3.5 gpm to 4.0 gpm. Will that gpm work well with on roof cleaning and will it support 150 feet of 5/8 hose? If not ill just go with a 5 to 5.5 gpm. Problem is between North Star, Everflow, and Sureflo, the majority of reviews are not good in any case.

that’s usually a pretty telling thing…

Not sure…I use flojet pumps…we’ve had really good success with them.

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Reviews on others from where?


Get the 7gpm, minimum. Mine only puts out 3.5gpm at 180’ of hose, and that’s just horizontal level.

If I was doing some serious roof washing or heavy use commercial I would consider one if those new 24v 10gpm pumps.

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Who does the 24v pumps? I was looking at them a while back but can’t remember now

Northern Tool has it. Kinda pricey.

Dultmeier has these new ones 12v and 120v. They look really well-built but only 6.4gpm and they’re like two racks! Softwash Pumps - Dultmeier Sales

$2000 each??

Surprised they haven’t tried to sell me those…with all the Flojets I buy from them… wait, maybe that’s why lol

I ran continuous duty bypass pumps. That Shurflo 5059 was made in a 24V variety but I believe it ran @ 60 psi and not the 90 psi of the 5059

Just seen that Northstar put out a 10gpm 24V pump that you’re probably thinking of. It’s a on demand pump though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here’s the hot setup that some are starting to use. They cost about $1800. Not a diaphragm pump. Puts out almost 7gpm at 150 psi.

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Hence the 43 amps it draws :flushed:

Ill look up the cost on that one. Should be building my 12v rig in the next month. Looking at a 5 gallon pump, a cheaper one so i can buy a few of them as backups since word is that they do go out and plan on them as something that will need replacing. Ive been real lucky with my gear as i baby the hell out of it. Question, im going with 5/8 hose but am i ok with about a 4ft run of 1/2 siphon hose? I would imagine yes. And is it ok to use a 90° bend fitting from the pump inlet, directly into the tank? Its one of those DIY rigs where the pump sits on top of a 55 gal blue barrel.

Dam. I cant even find store bought leads for 17 amps. Do you build your own battery leads with 12 gage wire?

Once again i dont have a pump but i hear you want to try to avoid the 90s if possible but only 1 might not be a problem :man_shrugging:

What am I missing? The link says 5.4 gpm @100 psi.

There is two models you can view on that page.

I’ve always been a fan of PT as I used their 114T plunger pumps back in the day when I was staining fences. I’d liked to pull that new one down to see what makes it tick. You can only see so much on the model