Show me your 5x8 open trailer setup

Building a 5x8 open trailer setup with a 8 gal per minute belt driven machine and a 200-gallon tank for water, also will have a real with 200 ft of hose, is there anything else I need besides a drain and how do you guys configure yours, I’d love to see a few examples so I can figure out what’s best for mine.

Thank you very much in advance

2 words

Search. Bar.

There are tons of examples already posted. Good luck in your build :+1:

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I do like the idea of more trailer breakdowns though I really wish everyone would do a walkthrough of their trailer!

Honestly I did that first, and I struggled to find more than a handful of pics.
I have def gotten some ideas, I just don’t know if I want to also mount a chemical tank and a 12v on there as well, it just keep my mobile crappy northern tool one for now.

I mean, trailer dimensions may be a little bigger or a little smaller than 5x8 on here but you can still see equipment on there and some organization ideas. Some guys stack machines on top of each other by building shelves if they have a smaller build so they can fit more. All about organization

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