Show Me Your 12 Foot Tandems!

I out grew that little 5x8 pretty fast. I am going first thing in the morning to pick up a new 6x12 tandem axle trailer. Give me some inspiration. Any open trailer pics welcome!

Have you considered a 14ft? Seems like a 12ft would be easy to out grow also?


You going to cut your gate flush with the sides or leave it to put a big sign own?

I’ve got a big sign being made now. It should be ready the first part of next week. I spent about 45 minutes washing their front parking area in exchange for it. I think it’s 33x80


The one I’m getting doesn’t have a gate. I am probably eventually going to add a ladder/surface cleaner rack and do the sign around the top. I do a lot of residential so I want to stick to 12 ft. However, one day I wouldn’t mind getting a big 18 ft commercial/fleet wash rig. I’m just not at that point yet.

@Kps0410 what do you use that black screw too bucket for by the milk crates? Your trailer setup is really nice!

I keep different brushes in it. Thanks. It’s a work in progress. I’m hoping to add an 8gpm cold water unit and a 12 volt system with proportioner by spring. When I get my trailer ladder rack built they’re going to put a 2x14 ft sign going across the top on each side. It will be a rolling billboard. @Racer has some awesome trailer ideas in his video.

Oh yeah I definitely watched @Racer video.

This is my current set up. Already pushing the weight limit. I just ordered a 12V system and that would have put me way over the limit. So that’s why I unexpectedly went and bought a new trailer haha.

That’s a nice rig. What are those straps holding your wands?

Those are wrap it straps. You can get them at Walmart, Northern Tool, etc… I’m all different sizes. They held the guns really solid against the gate. I could take them down the road at 75 mph no problem.

I’ll have to look into those

Racers attached shotgun racks to his totes for his wands hold nicely.

Im going to invest in a flat bed truck or a truck with a tool bed with ladder rack And have my tote in the middle and mount my washer on the top of tool box. Similar to IBS and kps truck that will be my residential truck my commercial setup will be on a trailer. That way i dont have to haul everything around all the time. This is all fantasy but i feel it is achievable in time. Lol.


Id really like to learn the art of window cleaning. Seen many videos and techniques but its not easy.


Windex and paper towels… little elbow grease.

I actually just got into window cleaning. It’s going pretty well. Invest in some professional gear and practice and it will eventually become muscle memory.

I have a landscaper friend who solely does commercial hes knows i am starting up a PW business and is telling me gow many business he does that ask him if he cleans them or knows anyone that does. Hes stays very busy so he has no time to learn it.

Lol. To Window cleaning thats like buying a box store machine and some walmart bleach.


Ill focus on PW for now. Will worry about windows once i get better at PWing. Its already more than i thought it was 3 months ago.

I would look into window cleaning if you have an interest. It’s super cheap to get into (less than $200) and it’s a great add on. Plus, if you can get some commercial window cleaning accounts, and build a reputation with the manager or owner, you can start pushing your pressure washing services. Plus window cleaning has almost no overhead and you can make some pretty decent money at it.

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