Should I be worried?

There’s 2 other companies in town that are doing some serious business. Ones been established 10 years and the other started at the same time as me. We’re pretty friendly with each other and from our chats the newer guy is slammed with business as is the more established guy. I am not. Had a crazy month and it’s cooled off considerably. I have zero jobs on the books while they are booked out until August or later.

I’m a bit confused as to how it’s happening as I’ve never let off the gas with advertising, I have social media presence, and I actually have reviews (the other guys do not)

Now… assuming that I’m doing as good a job as them (I’d like to think better :joy:) what’s the deal. This one guys turbo tips roofs, and the other might have sold his soul because I feel like I got him beat on paper and don’t quite understand what’s happening. Keep in mind I’m happy for him, and there’s plenty of work for us…I just need to know how to get it!

Currently advertising on craigslist, Facebook, do 5 arounds, have my wrapped box truck, and strategically placed bandit signs, and my flyer is on about 30 corkboards around town.

Am about to try a round of eddm to see if there’s a return for me. Maybe it’s just been an odd couple weeks but feels strange to me especially coming from such a large boom. What seems weird to me is how do you have work that’s booked out that far ahead and I never get a call from other people shopping around to see if it can be done quicker? For example, I know the. Newer guy gets people coming from me to him to compare prices, etc but I don’t recall one call that’s called me checking the other way.

Are they getting what I charge and slightly under bidding? Perhaps he’s a rockstar and is closing better than me. I feel like I close about 60 percent of the time, just not getting as much fresh leads. Am I going crazy? (Probably)

I do none of those marketing methods and I’m booked out 4 weeks. I’m losing work cause I can’t fit everyone in.

  1. Get a google business profile
  2. Get reviews
  3. Hire SEO company (be very careful on this step).

Good luck.

You’re only there 1/2 the time that they are. New guy may be cheaper, just keep plugging away.


I guess I should have mentioned I have a gmb and have 10 reviews (10 more than my competition :joy:) and show up in top 3. I have a website with SEO stuff as well.

Problem is that I’ve taken vacation and been here 100 percent of the time since early May. I’m taking another month off as well so hopefully it turns around!

Probably fretting over nothing and expecting too much.

Early May? Man I’ve been at it here in KY since February. I know the season up there is short but sounds like your competition is putting in the hours while you’re taking time off.

You might be misunderstanding me :joy:.

I work maritime full time, and during my off weeks last year I did this.

This year I’m taking vacation from my “real” job to do this and make sure it’s viable to be able to make PWing my main gig.

This season up here is pretty short. It was still snowing in April. Will be just about done in sept…maybe early October if weather is good but I doubt it.

Ok my point is, your competition may be sending out active advertising in like…February so they get the biz in late April. There’s something they are doing you are not, maybe severely undercutting prices?

Money talks for some customers….just about the price only. If you’re not the low guy you don’t get the work. Price only customers are not for me…seems like we’ve had more of them this year than I can remember. Maybe economy tightening up people are more price conscious……but we stay booked most of the year. This may not be the problem though, could be other things too….hang in there…ups and downs of business.

Gotcha. That could be it. Next year plans have me trying eddm or a flyer campaign earlier than I did this year to try and secure more business.

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I agree - this year there have been a lot more price conscious customers. Like @Dallsheep though, I’ve had a lot less business this year. I did 27 homes in one subdivision last year and have washed 1 from that subdivision this year. I’m hearing the same thing - folks are booked out till late summer and I’m still getting one/two calls a week. I have to hang in there though - I chose to ride this horse! It’s just hard to predict the pipeline this way. I heard Google algorithm changed and I’m probably not showing up outside of a two mile radius, but don’t understand why everyone else is busy. A lot of customers search on google here and I have pretty heavy competition in my area.

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aren’t there only 3? :joy:

Hahahahahah ya got me!

Actually there’s a few more companies that have popped up this year. At least 2 more that I’ve seen, so there’s probably 5-7. I show up in the #1 spot on the gmb 3 pack and literally am the only one with any reviews (I have 10 5star reviews)

I don’t know if I’d say I’m less busy than last year because I literally exploded out the gate with my first month but it sure did dry up. I’m probably just being weird but I always want to check with you pros because to me, if I’m putting the time and work in and I’m available, I don’t know why others would be booked out that are just as new as me in the industry. I just want to make sure I’m doing the best job possible and hopefully enjoying the money that comes along with the sense of accomplishment!