Shotgun Fungus on Vinyl Siding

I just did an estimate on gutter whitening today. And the homeowner also has some shotgun fungus residue on some of his siding. He and his wife got the caps off. Does anyone use a particular product to get the residue off, and with a machine or hand scrubbing?
Thank you.

Don’t bother with it

Yep, don’t waste your time…unless you’re getting a premium price.

Tim and Guy, I take your responses to mean that it’s extremely difficult to remove the marks?


Hypothetically, say they asked me to just do all the siding. Would you THEN tackle the AF residue and price accordingly?

I wouldn’t personally. I’m not as knowledgeable as some of the other guys around here. Every time that I’m tried to remove it, It leaves smudges in the siding, especially in vinyl because you remove the oxidation. I set the customers expectations before I get started so It’s never an issue.

We price AF remediation based on how much siding they want replaced. In all cases, we recommend replacing entire walls, not just sections. The wall will look like a patchwork quilt otherwise.

Replacement runs in the neighborhood of $2.25 per square foot when whole walls are replaced.

No, we haven’t sold any jobs. I’m okay with that.

Don’t be the hero man, walk away.

True, I’ve had very mixed results trying to be the hero in the past :slight_smile:

There was a product I remember reading about with like an hour dwell time or something but I think that was just for the fungus itself and not the shadows it leaves behind.

Dupont bug and tar remover will work to remove fresh AF.

1, Get a can of bug and tar remover from the automotive section of your favorite hardware store.

2, Identify any siding affected by AF.

3, Remove any affected siding and replace with new.

4, Get a lawn chair, a microfiber towel, and your bug and tar remover.

5, Institute and maintain constant visual observation of the previously affected areas.

6, Immediately upon the appearance of fresh fungus, remove with solvent.

7, Do not delay. You have exactly until your wife returns with your next beer to remove it. Otherwise, you’re screwed.

And they thought it couldn’t be removed.

Sounds like my spring has been determined. Thanks, Tim! I think I’ll charge the HO by the hour.