Short Graffiti Removal Video


Great video I like how you kept the product your trying to sell in focus when mixing your tanks haha. We never get calls for graffiti removal but will bookmark this post just incase.

Not my video. It popped up in my news feed.:+1:

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I like that long nozzle pump up sprayer. Solo 450-hd. Been looking for a way to post treat some windows.


This stuff works great! Used it on a few brick buildings. Just like advertised!

That is awesome. I liked the long wand on the pump up as well. Making note of the that brand and getting one now.

Wow, that’s great. I wish my town had graffiti. Here in Mayberry our idea of a “gang war” is young fraternity guys running after each other in Polo shirts and Sperrys swinging cashmere sweaters at each other.


I am a BIG fan of Heavy Duty Paint Stripper by Prosoco. They sell it in 5 gallon units. It needs to be brushed on and has the consistency of snot. It can stay active for up to 24 hours and you do not want it to dry on the surface. You also DO NOT want to get it on your skin. I made the mistake of wearing shorts and I started to feel the “acid itch” from some of the stripper getting on my skin. When I went to wipe it off, a few layers of skin came off with it. I still have a scar on my leg. It does work wonders. Gets up to 12 layers of paint off of surfaces.