Shop Washing

Anyone have experience washing shop interiors? We have done a few now and problem is even with a good degreaser and hot water, the tin walls / ceiling always have to be scrubbed. Good money but I don’t wanna be scrubbing. There are thousands of dirty shops around here, I would love to get a good system going. Anyone ever tried two stepping these, or found a degreaser that actually works with no scrubbing?

What kind of degreaser are you using?

I tried hot stain remover and HD degreaser from eachochem. Also had an old pail of ripper 2 from hotsy, and Cleansol BC. They all did the same thing, softened it up on the wall but still needed to scrub to remove. I even tried it non diluted, same deal. Makes me think the soot is chemically bonded to the metal, which is why I was wondering if the two step method would be effective. I think it’s mostly diesel soot from his trucks running inside.

This reminds me of

I don’t remember what the staining was from that @Nashvillewash was washing off as the video has been gone for a while now. I’m not sure if the material you’re washing has any sort of coating/paint on it so it’s hard to give a good suggestion. If not I’d mix up some sodium hydroxide/water with a little bit of surfactant and go from there. Maybe start with 1 cup to a gallon of water and go from there. That being said, my suggestion isn’t coming from first hand experience dealing with the exact job at hand so take it as it is.

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I would give zep purple a go. Home depot, $35. It has butyl and caustic soda in it and its quite powerful. This product is good for non organic oils and grease, sodium hydroxide for organics (think restaraunts). Cut to 10% and go from there. Dwell time is necessary but dont let it dry.