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Hello everyone was looking to get some shirts made for this season. From what I’ve read online get the 50/50 blend to make sure they dont bleach out and also may be interested in some poly polos.

Id prefer to go to a local shop and get these but prices seem very high to me.

Scott S

100% polyester work also. Pick em up at Wal-Mart until you find a vendor
to make you some company logo shirts. Wal-Marts are cheap, price wise
but they do hold up. Hope this helps. Bill

Good call on the 100% poly those would be better for drying. Looking to get the company logo printed on the shirts that way its a walking billboard.

Poly shirts stink like the dickens when you sweat.

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I’ve heard this before, but haven’t experienced it with mine. My wife has a very keen sense of smell, and is never shy letting me know when I stink, lol.

Maybe she uses some special detergent in the wash, idk.

@MidWest-WaterWorks, check out Sign up for their email list; they’re always running a sale of some sort. I got their Port Authority performance polos, 100% poly.

I had them embroidered on the front left chest with my logo and name, and then had a local print shop screen a one-color design on the back. 12 shirts ran a little under $300, including the setup fees from both companies. Those shirts lasted 2+ seasons (ordered summer of 2014, still wearing a few of them, but they should really get replaced this spring).

If you decide to go with Queensboro, use my referral link. It should get us both a $20 credit:


I use Queensboro a lot also. They are a NC company so I try to keep it local :slight_smile:

I use a local company. I use a polo shirt made of poly. They are not cheap ($30 a shirt embroidered) but they hold up. The SH will definitely change the shade of color but they won’t bleach out. I still have shirts from 4 seasons ago. Cotton will not last more than 2 jobs and it will look like crap.

Ya ended up finding a local company called Tree Frog they want $25 a pop unless I order ten or more then they are $20 which isn’t to bad. But just getting started three will do the job haha. I’ve attached the design that I created for them. Let me know what you think!

Queensboro can get them down to about 7 or 8 bucks a shirt for screen print 50/50 blend but thou have to order a couple dozen


I bought a bunch of under armour dry fit shirts and had a friend’s wife make my shirts with her machine. The under armour doesn’t bleach out and it is really good at keeping you cool and dry.

this spot is all that happens when I get 12.5%SH on them. It’s not visible at all unless I point it out

Queensboro has worked out great for me… So far I’ve ordered 2 sports Tek polo’s with my logo embroidered on them and 8 long sleeve Gildan T’s with logo embroidered for a grand total of $16.40… they’re always running promotions/specials and you can get some good deals. Also customer service has been top notch


cotton only way to go…

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