Shelf system back of crew cab

I have a 2009 Chevy 2500 crew cab. I removed the back seat entirely to make more room for storage. I need to fabricate something to make the floor level and then have a shelf just over one milk crate high. I want to have two levels of flat space to hold lots of supplies. Does anyone know if something like this has been mass produced, or at least premade by a company? Would be cheaper and faster than custom fabrication…

I didn’t see anything pre-made when I looked but it wouldn’t be hard to build something like picture I saw online out of wood. You could paint it or cover it with matching carpet/rubber to make it look better. Maybe a couple hours once you measure it out and only a few tools needed.


Check out some 4x4 overlanding forums, they nerd out heavily on this type of compact stuff. I like the idea of a couple of draws. Here’s a couple you can’t go wrong with image


I’m building something simple like this for the backseat of my F 150 for holding plastic storage totes etc…


That looks great! Why not remove the back seats (takes 5 minutes) and get a fair amount more room?

Legit! Exactly what I need!


Was thinking about that but with all the chems want something a little more stout. Thanks for the pic though shows a perfect comparison to the metal ones below!

Completely agree if you’re storing chemicals. Plus they look good too.

That’s not my truck. I’m just using that design. But in my case, I’ll probably remove the seats completely and spray it with bedliner instead of carpet it.

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Those are SWEET but for the price of an aluminum skid (for almost all) I’d build my own. They also don’t support older than 2014 models just a heads up.

Those are pretty functional. I might have to consider it for my primary work truck.

I would absolutely not store, or even put chems in the cab of my truck.


I Used the search term “chevy crewcab backseat shelf”, got hits on it. Possibly look up for a topkick or c4500 commercial truck systems.

The full extension drawers are the way to go, so that you have full access and aren’t reaching over things. If you ride around with the window open, or are in dusty conditions, so much crap gets in there you have to clean the slides out periodically because they will stick/slide hard. I’ve had work vehicles with these in them, not all are built the same so check specs. Not always, but the pricier they are the more “robust” they tend to be. When I say “robust” I mean they take a beating.

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You could sell that Vette of yours and buy us each one.

Never mind. You can keep your Vette…lol


I imagine if you could design and fabricate a shelving system for the backseat area of trucks you’d be able to sell it on here handily like @SchertzServicesLLC and his amazing box. Maybe @Firefighter4hire with his welding skills can get into it. Shipping would be a bear but I’d buy something for around $750 shipped if it was sweet.

I don’t intend to sell the vette, just upgrade to the C8 Z06 eventually. The vette actually gets Turo’d out about 10 days a month and pays for itself.

You gotta bring me the truck or sign off on your own measurements. I cant Weld anything at the moment because that guy stole all of them. But dont worry I might as well upgrade since I gotta buy new one. Just hemeriging money these days it seams like

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Yeah that stinks man. I read that post. Just brainstorming business ideas. Always fun to upgrade even if it’s for a bad reason.

Not sure what I’m going to get yet I’m leaning towards the Lincoln multi 210 with a spool gun for aluminum and a nice plasma cutter. But we will see gotta wait on insurance company first.