SH tank size in Canada

For my truck build, not a trailer. I have read a lot that in the states your Chem tanks are limited to 110gal or something like that.

Does anyone know the regulations for Canada?

Looking to add a mounted tank as my set up grows and eventually add a roof pump. Just want to know legal size before I buy something that will get me in trouble


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Anything over a 5 gallon store bought labelled container requires a TDG certificate to be transported. The container you carry it in also has to be labelled. You can obtain your TDG certificate online here:
Your labels can be printed online or you can buy a sticker online for your tank. The course teaches you everything you need to know and only costs $30.00. Here’s a hint: All of the multiple choice questions are in the same order no matter how many times you do the test. Pay attention to the correct answers of the questions you get wrong so you can correct them the second time around.


Darn, I was hoping we had a limit like the states before that mattered.

Thanks for the fast answer

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No problem. Luckily the test is cheap and easy to obtain. Then you have nothing to worry about.

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I have been learning from PWRA and was thinking I might be able to contribute a little this time, until I saw you reply :joy:

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