SH tank recommendation

This is what I do. I’ve been buying 15 gallon drums of SH from the supplier the past few years but I transfer it out once I’m home and store excess in my garage. This year I fill up a 30 gallon drum at the supplier and then transfer it to smaller tanks in my garage for storage. I typically keep just a 15 gallon of batch mix in the truck when I’m out for the day washing as I’m usually just working in the evenings (part timer). On the weekends or for bigger jobs I will also bring a 5 gallon pail of just SH and mix my batch on site if needed.

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There are some steel “hoop” collars available to hold down a 55 gal, but I think there’s roof for improvement. I’m working on a fiberglass collar which I’m hoping may hold up better to splashes of SH. If it comes to fruition, I’ll share the details here.