SH tank recommendation

I really prefer a SH tank without a bulkhead fitting since I use a drop stick, but am having trouble finding one. Or should I say, they aren’t too hard to find BUT the shipping costs are 50% of the tank price. If I buy one with the bulkhead fitting what is the best way to seal it for leakage? Is anyone using bulkhead fitted SH tanks and have you had leaks? I could use the 55 gallon barrel the SH comes in but I would like something shorter to keep my center of gravity lower. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I use one of those 55 gallon vertical tanks with a bulkhead and it has never leaked

Great, thanks. What’s the best way to secure a drum like that on my new trailer? I figured a more square lower profile tank would be easier to secure, but I don’t really want a bulkhead fitting at the bottom of anything since I see this as a possible leak point. The SH i buy comes in a black plastic 55 gallon drum with the bunghole on top.

This is the type of tank I have. They make steel straps for them to secure it. I have had the same bulkhead on my tank for close to 5 years and it’s never leaked.

@PetersFlying I use the drop stick method also and I have been using a couple of 15 gallon SH drums. They are easy enough to refill and tote around. I add my surfactant to one of the drums when I am ready to wash. Once that drum is empty, I repeat the process with the other. The 15 gallon drums are relatively easy to find, but if you can purchase your SH in them, then you have an approved container for transporting.

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I have checked Tank Depot. They want over $100 to ship a tank to me.

Sounds about right

So there are some guys using sh tanks that have a bulkhead fitting at the bottom of the tank and haven’t had leak problems? Any particular way you are sealing it against corrosive sh?

Nothing special.

My two cents for what it’s worth is this. If your business takes off, this money will be a drop in the bucket. Buy new, buy the steel straps and call it a day.

Less than a year ago I was where you were. I was shopping around and stressing out that I had to pay to ship, etc. With me looking back now, in would without hesitation buy the tank I actually wanted, and whatever extra kit for bracing.

Just look at it as an initial cost and bite the bullet.
Those 15sh gallon tanks are useful for house washing. It works great as a day tank and they are really well made if they are new. I was using one that was super janky because it was given to me for free but was more hassle than it was worth.

For me, new tanks while spendy, it’s worth it for piece of mind.


Buy once, cry once


Excellent point. Thanks. Since i buy sh in a 55 gl barrel, think I’ll just have them load it on my trailer and use that for my tank. I’ll have to get some angle iron and fabricate a short cage and use some ratchet straps. I keep the trailer in the garage so don’t have to worry about heat and sun messing too much with the sh.

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Mwpws, Do you have a link for the straps?

I do not. Just Google 55 gallon vertical tank strap. Looks similar to this

Copy! Thanks

It’s worth being aware that 99.9% of the exterior cleaning industry uses non-DOT-rated poly tanks which are not legal for transporting SH. Yes, even the rectangular poly tanks in those fancy overpriced pre-made trailers and skids are not legal. While rare, the fines for non-compliance are financially devastating.

Since you’re a drop-tube guy anyway, just get a DOT-rated poly drum and slap a label on it.


Or just use the 55gal drum that SH comes in.

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Any thoughts on securing a barrel to a trailer? I am thinking you would need to fabricate a metal cage to drop it down into.

I’ve also seen these as well….

On my first trailer that was just set up for roof cleaning I made a spot between 2 - 3" uprights welded to frame that held my ladder rack and had a brace about 3’ up. I made a space where the supplier could push barrel right in next to upright and strapped it off to that. It wasn’t going anywhere. I could pump what I needed over into my mix tank.

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Really good info, thanks. I’m supposing the 55 gallon drum the chemical supplier gives me is DOT rated? If so, I’ll just find a solid way to secure it and keep it on my trailer when I pick it up. I considered simply pumping the 55 gallons to smaller containers but they no longer allow customers to do that on their property.