SH tank choices

Been reading trying to decide I’m out here at TS they have a (50 gallon PCO no bung) or the tall 65 gallon with one.
I’m bulk buying and keeping it on my trailer, venting the tank through the floor Figure I’ll pump what I need as I go for xjet and DS. How long will the gasket usually last?

Couple of years. Get the dultmier injectors and just downstream out of the tank, no need to pump it out into another tank


Ok thanks

If you are blowing through tons of mix I agree with you. I pull straight from a 35 gallon bleach tank right now and I’ve found if I don’t use it all in a few days it either turns black or my eleminator looses its kick.

I have the 35 gallon tank and I also got a 15 gallon mix tank that I am tirning into my “soap” tank. That way I have a smaller batch that if goes bad I’m not out a bunch.

Haven’t installed the smaller tank yet but with the rains coming in I may this week!

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Where did you get the 15gallon tank from?

Uline has new ones for $40 or sometimes you can find at car washes for free

Didn’t realize ULine sold tanks.

I’ve never had bleach turn black and you’ve got a month or more before you have to worry about elemanator loosing suds. What are you doing up there. Is the naked cat swimming in the tank?


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Now we know why it’s naked, lol


And he ain’t got no hair on his noggin. Makes you wonder.


No idea! Had to flush the tank out last week. Had 10 gallons of muck looking stuff.

Had the problem last year too.

I’ve also felt that it looses its masking scent after a day or two.

Took a month to get it delivered!

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You’ve got something in that tank that shouldn’t be there. A cheap nylon strainer? Some other fitting on your drop tube that is degrading?

Last year, I had an open top 10 gallon drum that I was using for my mix tank. Lost the plastic cover, and covered it with part of a black garbage bag (yeah, looked super professional :rofl:). Figured “plastic is plastic”. After a month, the plastic was breaking down and flaking off into the tank. Little bits of it were disintegrating and turned my mix black.

The strainer filters that come with the Xjet will rust away in about a week

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I’m guessing the slotted pvc filters are the way to go?

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I don’t use filters. Just don’t put junk in your tank


I don’t know what could be in the tank doing that? I’ll take a video sometime this week.

Is it black in your tank or black coming out of your line for about 30 seconds