SH supply issue

I’ve been getting the fresh stuff at a local PW supply, he had a hose I could run out to my 15 gallon tank to fill it but now just sells the 55 drums.

For you guys with little outfits like mine, how does this work? I seriously doubt I could go through 55 gallons in less than two months so potency is a problem, and the local pool supply pool shock is a minimum of a month old, and I even saw a case dated Sept 2020.

Big box stores are stocking up right now. Sucks using 10% but it’s pretty fresh. My local HD had like 20 cases last week and they were all from January

Last year I started off the season getting the pool essentials chlorinating liquid from Walmart and it was pretty fresh for like $3.84 a gallon. But then covid took ahold of everything and people couldn’t get normal cleaning chems and started buying up all the pool shock stuff. I was traveling to the next town just to be able to get some. Fortunately I found a supplier that sells custodial supplies who sells in 1-gal, 5- gal, 15-gal and 55-gal. They also have the ability to pump into a minimum of a 35 gallon tank I provide, but I’ve been uncertain if I can always go through that much in a timely fashion so I have not crossed that bridge yet. So far this year, it feels like I could have gone through 2 of the 55-gal drums! Perhaps you could find another small-time washer in the area and split the costs. Or start doing roof washing - that’ll make you use up some SH.

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Here in Lexington, Kentucky I’m getting 55 gallon drums for 124.50 delivered.

Delivered?? Wow, that’s cheap! Do you keep it in a shop or outside?

Yes delivered, garage.

Aren’t you concerned stuff around it will rust?

I haven’t seen any issues, been doing it for several years. We open and close our garage all the time in a day, it’s our main entrance we use. So not really closed up all too long. I haven’t seen any issues with it…

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Oh ok gotcha. I’m getting a backyard shed so hopefully cleaning the garage out soon.

First you need to prove it’s useless after 2 months. I’ve washed homes with 6 month old 12.5 with no issues, it’s not like on April 17th 12.59am it becomes useless lol.


Oh I proved it alright, stuff I used first half of last year hardly did squat and the guys here suggested I source some fresh SH which really cut my time down considerably. I learned to read the date codes on those pool shock cartons.

It’s possible you don’t have as dirty a job as we do here, most of mine have never been done. They’re really bad.

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To be fair I clean the same properties year in year out, so there not too bad with a 5.5 machines doesn’t dilute it down as much as the 8s

Yeah, exactly. My 5.5 drew a lot harder than my current 8gpm

I thought the same thing. But after a solid week or two of work, I’m ready for another drum and I’m part time for the moment. I’ll never deal with those gallon jugs again. Over priced and a pita. 55 gallons isn’t a lot tbh when a house could take anywhere from 2-8 gallons depending on size and how dirty it is. Heck it could take more depending on the material like brick, stucco, or vinyl

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Really 55 gal isn’t much. I average probably 10-12 gal/per house when you take into account post treating drives, doing steps house and front walks. And I rarely use my trailer but I keep about 40-50 gals on there all the time and I’ve never had any problems. My regular SH that’s not on truck or trailer sits outside, albeit in the shade, year round and usually keep at least 2 if not 3 drums and never have any problems. Heck, if I didn’t use 10 gal per month I’d still go wit the drums because the gallon jugs a real PITA and bad for the environment.

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I was told you only get the discount if above a certain # of gallons, but I think you can still get less than that and just pay more. (The 15 gallons cost a good amount per gallon anyway) I would confirm again. I can’t wait to get a dedicated tank!

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@MuscleMyHustle Right. I had some delivered in mid November, had at least 100 gallons left over when I started back up two weeks ago and it’s as potent as ever.

Order a drum, and hustle more power washing to use it up.

Keep it somewhere cool and out of the sun. 2 months is not a “death sentence” to a properly stored drum of bleach. (I have two thirds of a drum sitting in the shop leftover from last fall, that I plan on using up in April).

Even if it does lose some potency and you have to up your mix strength as it ages, you’ll still probably be better off than buying by the gallon.

And remember, time is money. So for example, even if you end up spending an equivalent of $2/gallon of diluted mix vs. $1.75/gallon of diluted mix, the convenience and time savings of pumping straight out of a drum will outweigh the slightly higher chemical costs.

Thanks guys, good to know. I have a shady spot next to the house, I’ll just scrape off the grass and put some pavers down. I think the PW supply offered delivery but will have to check.

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