Sh suppliers

Where is everyone getting their SH from?

It really depends on how much you need.

If you’re just starting out and don’t need more than 10-20 gallons at a time, try pool stores (it’s called Pool Shock but the ingredient is SH). Or you can go with Menards, Home Depot, or Lowe’s. You can get 10% at most of these places.

If you need more, try googling “chemical supplier near me” or similar terms.

One of the pool stores near me sells in bulk and will even let you use your own containers. But it took me awhile of calling around and asking to finally find one.

If you do call places, make sure you call it by what they know it as. Pool stores know it as Pool Shock.


Yes. But make sure to specify liquid pool shock. Some pool suppliers will try and sell you the powdered Calcium Hypochlorite, which is useless for our purposes.


In a pinch, WalMart here carries 10% pool shock if the pool stores are closed.

Home depot carries 10% pool shock as well. For those last second needs.:wink: Just pay attention to the number date. For example 19287 mean the 287th day of 2019. Buy the newest possible.

Thank you

Really it would depend on your location I can help you if your in va

@Firefighter4hire Sorry in Mo

Where at in MO? Mike @qons who posted above is near St. Louis.


Good idea @qons

@marinegrunt Hes about 3 hrs from me

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@T_Rudkin Where are you located in Missouri?

is 4 gal for $10 a good price?

It depends where you live. There are guys in FL who say they get it for a buck a gallon. I’m in IL and pay right around $3 a gallon. Keep in mind that if you’re getting it from a store it might be old and has already degraded quite a bit. When I get it from my chemical supplier the stuff is really hot. If I were to compare that really hot sh versus some I can pickup from a big box or pool store for the same price in a way I’m only pay $2 a gallon from the chem supplier because I don’t have to use nearly as much. It’s definitely at least 15% right when I get it.