SH stains on black railings

Pretty new to roof softwashing and tried the search bar but nothing came up. I had some over spray of 5% land on some black aluminum railings and left some spots. Tried brushing the railing with 50-50 mix to even it out but you can still see the spots (kinda looks like a water mark). Client is all up in arms about it, Any help would be much appreciated.

Probably have to repaint.

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May be able to even it out with one restore and wiping it down carefully. I think Eaco Chem also has a chemical specifically designed for restoring anodized aluminum coatings (if that’s what it is).



Do you have pics? Was the fence in the hot sun when it happened?

If you have pics send it to with your contact info we will take a look and let you know what might be a solution.

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ouch, one restore would be the first go to…pics to us would help…if the paint was oxidized you may have to buff all the rails with some type of fine polish…outside of one restore i would maybe try a small inconspicuous test spot with bar keepers friend as it has feldspar in it which will help polish the paint. this is where if you dont have a groundman being super careful around the edges (maybe use a pump sprayer on the edges) helps and also with no groundman tarp off everything…accidents happen…had my wand blow right off the end of my hose the other day even though i run two hose clamps…because of my diaphram pump 200 psi and blew bleach all over my shorts. luckily it only hit some grass…and i immediately went to soaking the entire area to get the bleach 1.5% diluted as fast as possible.