SH % on Shingle Roof Washing

Hey Guys and Gals! Quick question on SH! What is the highest percent I would ever want to use on a roof? I’m using 10% now and works fine but a little slow! I’ve seen a few vids on YouTube and watched the shingle change color with a few swipes of the wand! Thanks for the info! I’m taking votes on the percents! Lol

I’ve always used 12.5% on roofs. Actually, I use that strength for anything that requires bleach. In a 60 gallon tank, I mix 22 to 24 gallons of bleach and the rest water and surfactant. Works great. If the roof isn’t too bad, I’ll scale it back a little, but this mix works great on the algae.

Yeah that’s what I thought. I just talked to a guy out of Florida and they use nothing less than 12.5% . They also said that there was a big strength difference between the 10% and 12.5%. I need to change to the 12.5% sounds like!

I can’t account for the difference between 10% and 12.5% since I’ve never used 10%, but I can assure you that 12.5%, mixed properly, is ideal for asphalt roofs.

Just get a good surfactant like roof snot so it doesn’t run down too fast.

So I’ve been doing a mix of 50/50 with the 10%. I’m gonna locate 55
Gal drum of 12% and do your mix and I’ll check into this roof snot for the surfactant! I’ve been using ultra gain someone turned me on to just cause it was cheap and i could get it anywhere in a pinch.

I’ve never used Gain. Does it provide a good stick?

I like experiment so I tried it and it seems to work for me. I just need to up the SH to the 12. There is a few guys on here that also use the Gain as well.

I like to experiment as well. How much gain are you using to how much mix?

Well let’s see I get the big bottles of gain and my tanks are 35 each by and I pull from all 3. I will mix half in each tank so 1 1/2 for 105 gal.

Oh sorry my mix is 50/50 cause of the 10% SH. I’m gonna off set it a little like your mix once I get the 12