SH granular mix

Hi guys, my name is David and im looking for a little help. I currently run a successful pressure washing business and am looking to branch into the soft washing as well. My problem is that in my area we only get 50% granular SH. How would i mix this to get the 10-12% mix that i can then make a batch to use for a roof.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where do you live? There are better alternatives.

Im in Barbados

Are you sure it’s granular SH, which can be explosive. Are you sure it’s not CH, what’s usually called pool shock?

To be honest i’m not sure. I did buy it from a pool supplies store. I asked them for liquid SH, said they didn’t have any but they have it in granular form. The bucket has Sodium Chlorine written on it though

It’s Calcium Hypochlorite. It’s a massive pain in the ass so please don’t use it. Hard to dissolve in water and leaves white residue everywhere.

Keep looking, you’ll find a supplier of sodium hypochlorite. Sometimes it’s referred to by different names, try asking for:

Pool Chlorine
Liquid Chlorine
Sodium Hypochlorite
Industrial Bleach.

Whatever name the salesman calls it, check the MSDS and it will say “sodium hypochlorite” and list a % strength. 16% is the maximum possible, 10% is the minimum that you can use for pressure washing.

If it’s really hard to find, you will also need to check the manufacturing date. If was made a couple months ago… it lost some % strength and is of limited use to you.

Let us know how you get on

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Darn. Ok thanks a’lot, really appreciated. I’ll keep looking for something

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Ive read that you man mix it and stir the hell out of it and then let it sit. Give it time for the solids to sink and then draw off the top part that has cleared up some. If thats your only option this might help it some.

Go buy some and try it first or yourself :+1:t2:

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Me? Nope. I get 13-14% fresh from a pool companies huge tank

Ok, so i’ve talked to the pool guys and to the store where i got the granules from, and just about every other person on the island and no one carries liquid SH. I was assured by the store that what i bought was SH in granular form, but no one can give me a definite answer on how to mix it with 1 gal of water to dilute it to 12% or somewhere around there. someone suggested it will be around 12-15 oz of powder to 1 gallon water. Any input on the ratio to dilute it from anyone in here?

You should check with any of these companies for liquid SH or concentrated bleach.

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FATJOE, you are the man. I made so much calls and was told by every single person i spoke to that no one here sells it, so gave up hope. But i decided to use the page you sent me and call all of them and found ONE company who sells 12%! Thanks so much for that! saves me a lot of guess work


No worries. Hopefully you get a good price on it.

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