SH Generator

So I was reading today and on of the guys on the forum said that SH is just saltwater and electricity. Has anyone ever tried to make their own. It might not be worth it but I’m in AK and my sh is a minimum of $8 a gallon for 12.5% or at least thats the best price I’ve gotten so far. check it out Electro Chlorinator

I think just the labour cost/time involved in running a small (lowest cost) machine would ruin the idea. Never mind the economics!

$8/gallon, do you buy from a manufacturer, wholesaler or retail store like a pool shop?

Have you thought about washing with just soap and no bleach? I hear straight elemonator applied with a brush or is a fantastic new method for cleaning. Bleach isn’t really all that great plus it kills baby fish and stuff.

Pools… in Alaska??? That’s why it’s $8 a gallon… :joy:

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Oh. Um. Dry ice blasting? Or wet ice. Or what ever flavour ice you have up there.

What about washing houses with anti-freeze? That would work in the cold and guaranteed to kill anything organic on the side of a house… moss, mould, cats

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Don’t they have a sea up there. That’s a pool


That sea is salt water!!!

Please just find an electricity pylon near the sea… chainsaw/weld/chuck Norris through a leg until the pylon falls in the sea.

Electricity (pylon) plus salt water (sea) = SODIUM HYPOFRICKINGCHLORITE

goddamit im a genius.

Anyway, let us know how it goes. And how far the ocean of SH spreads