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So I had a customer ask me today if we could pour some of the run off from the roof cleaning on his driveway to kill the mold. I told him that would be just fine, and then he asked about if it would be fine with his dog. I assured him that once it dried it would be just fine but it got me thinking. What are you guys telling customers who are concerned about having pets in the yard after a roof cleaning or house wash? The way I view it, any SH in the yard should be so dilute that it wont be an issue with pets. I’m just curious what everyone is telling customers and how your saying it.

Fine with his dog? Clint sorry buddy you have to tell idiots like this as long as pooch is not drinking
from puddle we just formed from the roof wash , should be fine. Tell customer roof has been cleaned
professionally, by a professional, end of story. Hope this helps:)

Bill Sullivan
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Is it really necessary to call your clients idiots?

And what kind of man would take money from an idiot?

Tim, you misread my post. Tell client as long as dog not drinking puddles of water from
roof wash ,should be fine.Did not call him an idiot. Is this an idiotic question to ask in
the first place? Personally I think Yes. Best Regards.

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

People are full of all kinds of questions and when they aren’t sure of something it is just fine to ask, Especially if they are concerned that it may harm a member of their family (or pet), I bet most customers have some concerns about the chemicals we use and I would like to be able to put their concerns to bed in the best and most professional way. I’m sure I’m not the only person that has clients ask this and so I was just wondering what exactly other people are saying to customers when the questions comes up, Or are people talking about this when they talk about the scope of work, etc. Please don’t take this the wrong way, as I’m a firm believer in there are no stupid questions, so I’m not sure where the idiotic questions is.

I like to post treat. I just tell them to keep pets and kids in house until dry and tell them not to track it in the house. If they are home, I tell them this before I do it. That way if they have somewhere to go or they don’t want to wait for things to dry, I won’t post treat. As for roof cleaning, I tell them the same but there is no way I’m leaving until I am positive there is no risk.

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Yeah Clint I tell them once it’s dry it is fine. After it dwells for 10 minutes I rinse with water.It makes me feel better but probably unnessary.
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Sodium hypochlorite (SH or bleach) breaks down very quickly when exposed to air and/or sun to oxygen (O2) and common table salt (NaCl). Certainly with the dilutions used in house/roof washes, no problem for pets or people exposed to any residue.

Rick, thanks for the reply. I visited LA in march and realized just how much chlorine they use in their drinking water down there. So now I I’m telling people that it’s bio degradable and breaks down rather quickly and that a variation of this chemical is used in treating drinking water, it’s still best to let it dry before you let fido play in it but it shouldn’t be an issue.


Once applied at low concentration, ie: 1.5 - 2.5%, you might be able to take a human bath in it without harm. Hospitals use SH for many purposes. A lot. We use a fair amount on wood maintenance jobs. At 1.5% with a touch of soap/surfactant, kills any mold/mildew, cleans the dirt/grime and surface oxidation off of the wood. Squeaky clean.

What is discouraging that the roof and house wash cleaners did not give a straight answer to the question. They use a ton of sodium hypochlorite compared to wood contractors. Gotta’ have at least a basic understanding of the chems you are using.