SH and copper?

Everything I read says it will patina copper or corrode it. Ive used a 1.5 mix when washing houses with copper gutters for years and never had any problems I just rinse the gutters really quick. I have a roof wash that will need at least 5.5%. they have copper roof over their bay windows that will collect significant runoff so I told her I couldn’t do the section of roof over the copper because I dont know what that hot a mix will do. Who has any direct experience with this?

I have direct experience with this

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This video might help… Steven Wright Delivers In This Fantastic First Appearance - Carson Tonight Show - 08/06/1982 - YouTube

Nope…not a chance. Won’t even wash a house with copper anywhere on it.

Point made

Thanks same here now

I’m still waiting for a good story here…

He only asked who had direct experience. I figured if he wanted to knowo more he would have asked or done a little research.

I was more curious about folks with indirect experience…those tend to make more interesting stories…

Same, I’ve let the customer know that a simple housewash mix might spot them up and most of the time they say just to avoid that area.

I did my research grump. Thank god because it led me to u

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Except im looking for a resident guru, not grump. Damn google auto correct

You got the answer you asked for. Introduce yourself, cut out the cuss words and be civil. You’ll probably get more input. I’ll help you once I know who and where you are

I do apologize for seeming rude, not my intention at all just not familiar with forums and other social media. Not my cup of tea but I am pleased to be here among people that I can learn from and offer input on my experiences. I am Chris with HydroPro in Birmingham AL. I have been in the industry for over 6 years now and started doing flat work and downstreaming some as a side hustle. I have gone full time with this and have added soft washing. Ive been using 12v and have a gas pump but waiting on a engine so no experience with that yet. I built a trailer and have 2 gp 2200 series pumps with a 670 (yes a predator and actually love it) and a 23hp vanguard. I believe in with no exceptions professional level work, equipment, service, and pricing. Thanks for letting me correct my initial error. And all please do tell me something about y’alls self in initial correspondence. Thanks!!

I’ll be going to Pelham Sunday and staying about 8 or 9 days doing two properties is you want to come by one evening when we’re done for the day.

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Yeah sure I get all my SH in pelham! Let me know what days your around. Always good to meet other folks doing pressure washing.

I just surveyed a winery that has copper gutters. The thing is they are old (already patinaed) but also filthy. Some are basically black with growth. I am quoting the metal roof and walls. Don’t think I need more than 1-2% here and plan on neutralizing them and the metal roof after. Do you think they will be splotchy or otherwise adversely affected by softwashing them? They will need some dwell time I can’t rinse right away as they are definitely a big part of what needs to be cleaned. Would sh be the proper chemical?

I would be lying if I said I even understood how much 1or 2% was. I’ve never cared to figure it out or found it necessary to know. I wouldn’t spray bleach around copper. I paid for a few runs of copper gutters that were bleached. I won’t do it again. You don’t have to wash everything that people want you to.


Sean, man…don’t get anywhere near that roof with bleach.